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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    I stopped using stop loss a long time ago. There are many fractures that are false. Where stop loses amounts are, and everyone knows. When I see that there's not any opportunity to 16, instead I just hedge my losses.
    For your reduction in Foreign Exchange is always to Attempt to learn the mistake, losing in Foreign Exchange is not anticipated in Foreign Exchange, it would be better to learn every single time in doing in on a demo account or a competition demo in the learning stages of reaching an expectation that we will get

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    In the use of stop loss it might be better, as always to find out in conducting trading by not installing a stop loss is very risky at risk, for it might be better to do would be to always try to find out as in a demo account to practice conducting a trade with a stop loss in pairs and to better comprehend the workings of the Currency Market properly

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    with averaging, it's better to use breakeven

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    Pros have risk software look everything they do and if they have too much risk their transactions are closed anyway. They are not in 500 x leverage with a $200 account just like the retail trader.

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    A stop loss is essential and the best creation ever.

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    A stop loss is a must and also the best invention ever.
    Are you talking about HEDGING? Please, clarify.

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    Hedging may be fantastic idea but it's better if we increase our investment to unique paths then we can minimize our risks, and that's also the purpose of hedging I guess.

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    Hello I exchange with an internet prop firm, and I know a number of professional traders. Individuals trading FX scale into their positions. The more volatile the market the more important it is to scale. This is why you will see professional traders in ES scale into their positions the majority of the time. When they do not have a stop loss on, they will surely have a plogical stop. Professional or not, you will lose sometimes. Do you think it is sensible to leave a trade running against you with no practical limitations? Professionals know when to take a loss

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    Stop loss is essential in conducting a trading what we are doing, since it warned of a high risk that should be on minimizing fine or target, in order to survive in forex trading. It would be good to do with learning as in the demo account to practice in running beginners in forex trading phases by improving trading skills

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