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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    Where possible a halt loss will always be in place in my estimation, however the only occurrences this isn't practical is whether $risk exposure is inordinately large along with also the shortage of bandwidth could lead to a massive risk of material slippage therefore a stop loss could be executed by departing chunks.

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    Stop loss is crucial to give us reassurance. I'd be having sleepless nights when I don't use stop loss. A single black swan event can destroy our trading account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Stop loss is crucial to provide us peace of mind. When I do not use stop loss, I'd be having. Just one black swan event can ruin our trading account.
    That is exactly how I feel most of the time. Nevertheless, it's important to keep in mind that stop losses can gradually melt your account off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote This is exactly how I feel a lot of ]quote This is exactly how I feel a lot of time. Having said that, its important to bear in mind that stop losses can also slowly melt your account off.
    Agreed. That's largely because of fear of losing a transaction and that fear should be held in check As long as we don't place ridiculous stop should be held in check. Provided that we don't place ridiculous stop reduction, for example 10 pips away from entry and hoping to get a 100 pips, I believe stop reduction is fine.

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    An individual can place a stop loss badly by placing it too far too. Finding the right balance between placing it too close and too much may be chy.

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    Among the biggest mistakes taught all around the internet is to place stop losses in a traditional way - at service or resistance together with your own eyes to identify support and resistance or fractals or zigzag. Whatever method you choose, this is completely incorrect and completely illogical. Banks, hedge funds, dark pools, know precisely where people place there stops and also the most frequent is support and resistance. You will be stop hunted at these levels that are exact since they accumulate. Just because everyone is edued this way, does not mean it's the right way.

    Additionally, some might advoe using a 2x 3x 4x ATR worth - which makes even less sense due to the fact that ATR quantify volatility of some current pair. So you're suppose to base your stop loss placement dependent on whether the ATR value is high or low not volatile or volatile. So lets say using a very low ATR value you place your stop loss for instance. Low volatility is generally accompanied by high volatility - . So the fact that you're placing a stop loss in reduced volatility anticipating it not be struck is completely illogical and the incorrect way of thinking.

    Just not having a stop loss at all is absolute insanity unless you have another way of statistically departing your commerce based on risk to benefit which would have precisely the same effect for a stop loss. However, having neither a stop loss or exit egy somewhat like a stop loss is crazy. Have a look at the latest flash crash of GBPUSD. Would you like to not have a stop loss using a 1000 pip crash? No.

    Don't follow the crowd, think outside the box.

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    I believe we must define first what a true FX trader is.

    But I think always profitable investors/traders do use stop losses.

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    The use of stop loss is significantly affected in running his trading, because of prevent loss are set up correctly will have the ability to deal with the risks to our goal based on our analysis already well. Forex is a business that is always to perform the study first if the benefit to be got

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    What does it means they don't?
    I don't think so even the expericned traders do mainly recommend us to trade with just stop reduction, if you go into the market and don't carry the stop loss with in hands then for certain most likely would suffer losses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    what does it usually means they don't? I don't think so even the expericned traders do recommend us to trade with stop loss, if one go into the market and don't carry the stop loss with in control for certain probably would suffer losses.
    Put a stop loss will have great Effect on the trader to target the risks are not anticipated, because That Doesn't use stop loss was preventable if There's a price reversal Isn't proper analysis, and it would be very dangerous

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