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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    I am really amazed how such a simple thing turned into this huge conversation

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'm really amazed how such a simple matter turned into this massive conversation
    Me; but maybe few new traders do not understand the right process! But pleasant to see, few good answers on the 1st 2 page.

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    There is no prove. Some traders don't use stop loss. It does not indie all pro traders don't use stop loss. In the book The Millionaire Traders, you will find traders who became millionaire by trading use stop loss. It is all about your understanding and how efficiently you use your knowledge. Yes one quality is common among all expert traders, they are extremely disciplined.

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    who's the 'pro' trader that doesnot utilize a stoploss ? What kind of BS are you currently 'no stoploss losers' peddling here . lol. It takes one two or three bad transactions to wipe your accounts off
    I trade for a living NO stoploss , what goes up must come down exactly what goes down must go up or don't you know that

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    quote Who actually real trader it is difficult to reply, profitable trader or others, everybody must ensure stop reduction technique for avoiding unfortunate losses and risk particularly when trade with a large amount.
    Like I said, some folks do it with no stop loss, therefore it does not apply to everybody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Any trader who makes a profit frequently is a true trader. Some do it using stop loss, others do it , sweeping generalizations cannot cover them all, I believe.
    Who actually real trader it is hard to reply, profitable trader or others, everybody has to ensure stop loss technique for preventing unfortunate losses and risk especially when trade using a large amount.

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