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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    Totally unqualified answers around here.

    Consider it as a business and you will have all your answers: your equity is the working capital, orders are the inventory. Trading companies aim for good deals (buy relatively cheap - sell relatively high; relative means to your average) and are supposed to have positive margins at the close of the month, and ideally a profit after carrying out all cost. How much should the profit be? 2%? 10%? 20%? If you've got your mindset right , here it already begins. Can you do a business, where you earn 2% margin (assuming you don't draw funds) at the end of the month? I wouldn't. So, assuming you target for 10% profit (i.e. you do draw funds) at the close of the reporting interval, always, you add back the cost (i.e. your pulled funds) and end up at the target margin. If you don't achieve this, you shrink. How much are you ready to shrink, presuming you do believe in developing going? And that defines your order closure management. Assuming you've reached your max negative float, you begin liquidating your worst order (=foul stock), one by one. Assuming you've got one directional orders (e.g. only Buy on a particular pair) you can always set a hard stop-loss for security reasons, but it ought to be in accord with your global (!) Draw-down target - i.e. countless pips away. Should you blend Buy and Sell orders - from this stock/position management standpoint it is totally irrelevant, if you call it hedging and if it is purposeful - you can't place a stop loss.

    I hope this provides you a marginally differentiated perspective.

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    Yet another thing:

    The above relates to the question of methods, as well. Assuming your egy is to set very narrow stop-losses and aim for long winners, then you will wish to keep track of your margin and profit-loss ratios in order to get the order dimensions and minimal targets. For me I have come to the conclusion that I can get the picture management right, but I'm in picking exits and entries. That's why I average-in in stations (against all wise math geeks here suggesting its fallacy) and manage my equity rather than individual orders or focusing on the ideal entry-exit combination.

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    Most traders admit the risks make it required to use a stop loss, hence It is essential for traders using a long CFD position to place a stop loss sell order under the current market price to trigger automatically a sell direction in case the price drop to that amount. An excellent stop loss shouldn't be tight in order to prevent a position early or too as to reveal the transaction to risk.

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    I won't recommend not placing a stop loss. Forex is a game of chance. There'll be instances in which a professional won't get their transaction according to their way. A stop loss ought to be set in ALL trades to stop reduction that may cripple your account.

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    Yes it really is. There is 100% in Fx market loion. Anything can be happen at any times positive or negative. So Stop Loss needed to safeguard equilibrium. Devoid of SL you state can be like a ship in a sea without rudder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hi guys, I have discovered that expert fx traders who don't use stop losses and this had contributed much controvesy. Anybody who approve or disapprove please comment
    it is a wrong message! Perhaps there have few outstanding trader; but by and large the majority of the expert traders use the stop reduction trading tool in accore with their egies demand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote It#8217;s a wrong message! There have few trader; but by and large the majority of the pro traders use the stop reduction trading tool according to their egies demand.
    I concur. It's wrong, although where that odd rumour comes from I don't understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Agreed, but I simply dont enjoy 100 pip abrupt spikes lol.
    I don't think any trader does, unless they can predict them before they occur. Then they are the best thing that can happen to a trader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hello guys, I have heard that expert fx traders who do not use stop losses and this had led much controvesy. Anybody who approve or disapprove please comment
    It's fake info; almost all of traders use SL in their trading, yes there have few unique traders; but they're very rare in number.

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    This argument is faulty. There is no data anywhere to show that successful traders use or do not use stop loss. In my own years trading Forex one thing is certain;The use of stop loss or no stop-loss is dependent upon the trader's taste for risk (that is is cash management plan).

    My observation as regards to people I know who are profitable thus far are;People who use stop loss generally have big position open People who do not use, have some Kind of commerce recovery egy Those who use, tend to be not there to track their trade frequently Those who don't use are there or have some Kind of commerce manager that manages their draw or closes positions manually
    My take on this;Stop-loss have their own ups and downs. No resistant or value purpose, is safe enough to prevent whipsaw of price. Individuals must choose what suits their nature and trading syle Stops loss can help save you from harmful unexpected events like the Swiss bank saga of January 15 2015 that took out many traders and brokers. Do not attempt to copy people pattern of trading find what is suits you and allow it to be effective. This stage cannot be over emphasized You can accelerate your learning process on forex and test out my system which yields an excess of 15% monthly by reading

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