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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    Occasionally, I don't use a SL when I am in front of my pc, or whatever device I really do trading, and stare in my position for the whole time it's open, so I can close it when I see it does not concur with me where it should go.

    Such scenarios are rare, as I seldom have that much free time. I never exchanged without stop loss. I made my SL overly back when I was new.

    Trading without stop loss calls for a disaster. Particularly when you start a position and abandon it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Depends. From time to time, I really don't use a SL when I'm in front of my computer, or whatever device I do trading on, and stare at my place for the entire time it's open, so I can shut it when I see that it doesn't concur with me on where it should go. As I rarely have that much spare time, such situations are rare. I never exchanged without loss. I made my SL overly back when I was new. Trading with no stop reduction calls for a disaster. Especially when you start a position and leave it.
    Aren't you worried about losing your internet connection or a computer malfunction? True, those things happen infrequently, but I think it's very good to be ready just in case. Mostly because it's occurred to me and it was not a pleasant encounter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Arent you worried about losing your internet connection or a computer malfunction? I believe its great, although true, these things happen infrequently. Mostly it wasn't a nice experience and because its happened to me.
    Ouch! I discount rather than think of the possibility. If that occurred but it could be horrible.

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    In carrying out forex trading it must always be to trade using a stop loss menmpatkan always, because a very high risk that is always to be able to minimize the dynamic market to be more entitled to profits in forex

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    hi guys, I've discovered that expert fx traders who don't use stop losses and this had led much controvesy. Anyone who approve or disapprove please remark
    I disapprove because without having stop losses I lose my green pips and thus my money must of the time that I have 1-3 TP lines and if TP1 is hit I drag my SL lineup to the entrance line enz. enz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Celebrate when your account lasts for a month, celebrate when your account succeeds more than 2months . . .it means you're consistent....keep celebrating.You may also celebrate it without so much as letting people know why you are observing it so you do not get distracted. A humble and very simple life will go along way to assist you as a trader. Thanks for your attention God bless you.
    I actually liked your post... I found it not only helpful as a procedure to implement but as inspirational and motivational. Thanks. I will utilize it for trading different pairs compared to my chief one.
    God bless you also. .

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    I believe I found out why they dont use stop losses
    I they arecorrect

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    Notice how some brokers have these sudden spikes that are generally around 50 pips and always its the liquidity which widened the spread out of no where, one theory says its a good idea to actually adhere to simply hedge when unsure but retain an SL when in profit.

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    I stopped using stop loss a long time ago. There are many breaks. Where stop loses levels are and everyone knows. Once I see that there's not any chance rather I simply hedge my losses.

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