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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    Even professional traders use a stop loss. I feel some of them simply use a mental stop loss. If person isn't with a stop loss then it is simply a gambler.

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    This really is my method for trading I don't use the SL since I believe all deals will win finally .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    this is my way for trading I don't utilize the SL since I think all deals will triumph .
    I've seen few times every full blowups of the accounts with this kind of philosophy.
    Very dangerous :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I've seen few situations every complete blowups of the accounts with such doctrine. Quite dangerous :
    Almost all prices will return sooner or later, it only depends on the leverage. The thing with currencies is the side could ever hit 0. But it's a technique in which the exit egy is very important, if you bought EUR/USD at around 1.40 without using one of plenty exit options you would be in a problem.
    Having said that: trading without losses says nothing about the performance.

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    This is my take on this.

    If you don't use a stop loss and you are in a losing trade you'll remain in a losing transaction. The idea that all prices eventually turn around may be true, but if you enter at the wrong time it might be a very long time until it turns around. Also you are sitting on a loss that you might have turned into a triumph. Say for example you enter into a trade and are down 20 pips. You may say oh it will turn around. The thing is you were already wrong after. Now you wish to be wrong twice?

    In the very long run not with an S/L will burn you. It completely eliminated the idea of succeeding on 50% correct trades using exactly the exact same SL/TP approach because now you will lose more than you attempt to win.

    Ultimately not employing an SL means the plogy of the transaction will affect you then the reason you have into it. If you experience an SL and stick with it, if you lose you lose. If you do not have an SL then even if it goes below what you want to lose you've got to still convince yourself to get out of the transaction that you probably won't until you lose 2 or 3 times what you initially were ready to shed on it.

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    As far as I am concerned it's always prudent to use stop loss. Even if we discount all other disagreements that's a Fantastic idea, you might simply have the sheer bad luck of your Internet connection going down and being Not Able to close your rankings on time

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I completely agree that using or not using stop-losses right depends upon particular trading style. As an example, they are not necessary in scalping. If someone is trader who only begins his/her FX advantages, SL defenitely must be set, especially in long-term deals. Of course it also depends on how much do you care about your wallet
    Scalpers would be nuts to use SL, for obvious reasons but for the rest, a trader would be nuts to not use SL as I've mentioned earlier before. . .while using or not using a SL can depend on the egy of this trader, that does not eliminate the fact that not utilizing one is akin to driving a car sans any brakes..tip:CHF

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hello guys, I've heard that expert fx traders who don't use stop losses and this had led much controvesy. Anybody who approve or disapprove please remark
    It's a true as Actual men smoke Marlboro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote It's a true as Real men smoke Marlboro.
    Dead men smoke Marlboro. . .which I think would still apply to this Circumstance

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote It's a true as Real men smoke Marlboro.
    That is nice.

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