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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    They might not use stop loss per se but they do set in place some kind of loss control mechanism for risk management.

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    I thought I would come in and add my 2 cents to this astonishingly long thread. As may or may not already been stated, it is my view that the necessity of stop losses also largely depends on a few factors. Those factors are the time period and leverage. If you are an intraday trader using higher leverage, you'd be a fool to not use stop losses. However, if you are a longer term trend trader who utilizes very wide stop amounts and very unlevered places, then it isn't so risky to use a stop loss as the price per pip is very small and it requires very massive movements for profit or loss.

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    It is different from egy. But Out of my experience: Certainly use SL! And profi traders perform that

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    No with a stop loss is always super stressful for me.
    I'd rather restrict what my possible down side may be.
    Also I don't trust myself to honor a plogical stop.

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    It depends exactly what you mean with pro traders, but normal men who exchange in the home and are profitable traders, I can guarantie they certanly use a stop loss.
    If you're talking about bankers, thats a compleatly different matter, they utilize other instuments to hedge, so that they are not exposing a high risk. For example, they may buy options counter trend, so if they're incorrect they still make cash

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    it depends upon exactly what you mean with expert traders, but ordinary men who trade in the home and are profitable traders, I can guarantie they most certanly use a stop loss. If you're discussing bankers, theres a compleatly different item, they use other instuments to hedge in, so that they are not exposing a high risk. By Way of Example, they might buy options counter tendency, so If They're wrong they nevertheless earn money
    I use a stop loss , and dont roughytrader talk for me

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    S/L does not always mend loss, as well as T/P does not always mend profit. If the deal goes my way, I just correct, tighten s\l at a better way. And I overtighten each candle (sometimes every 3) from the interim period of the M15 (M5 happens) to profit condition for me. I would not say always, but frequently deals attract a great deal more revenue than planned. This already indies a permanent monitoring of the order.

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    I totally agree that using or not using stop-losses right depends upon specific trading style. As an example, they're not required in scalping. If a one is trader who only begins his/her FX benefits, SL defenitely should be set, particularly in long term deals. Of course it also depends upon how much would you really care on your wallet

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    Well, it seems exactly like Real guys never shave )))
    Should become acute, it depends on style of gambling and personal preference. I don't see any cons using stop-losses, unless you exchange with smallest potential leverage and big amount

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    Using or not using stop loss relies on many variables like trading style, trading capital, trading experience. A trader may not be using stop loss and yet making profits while other may be shedding even if he's using a stop loss. Its a very lengthy, in fact never ending debate.

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