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    Hey All and Happy New Year!!

    Time to get back into the thick of things, average January waiting period for me is officially over and I have been using a few of the downtimes to perform on some new thoughts...

    Attached - Missing Sock EA and TMG CG Mladen Indior.

    This has evolved out of TMA1 formerly posted along with the Lost Sock Trade Strategy.

    Lost Sock Strategy was derived from my idea of doing laundry. Where the Lost Socks end up, we can not be certain - Washer or Dryer, but I am convinced that if you keep throwing the socks that are missing back in the laundryroom, they eventually find their mate. This E version that's attached follows this logic since it will buy and sell based on the trend logic, conclusion of triggering based on TMG CG indior and will hold off trades if it deems that the trend bicycle has changed. . .until it sees indiions of reversal for cost averaging.

    How can this evolved?

    Below the premise which you may lose more than a single sock when doing laundry, every time you throw the unmatched singlets back in the laundryroom, they will gradually find their mate. Sooooooooo. . .the evolution of this is that instead of throwing the pairs back in, they will be taken by it .


    Yeah, instead of waiting for ALL mismatched pairs to discover a mate and then take out them, it is going to take out matched pairs.

    As applied to the trade logic. . .NOT ALL TRADES will wait to be in profit before they're excited. Sum of transactions in profit is going to be shut and new opportunity for cost averaging or profit taking will accompany.

    The idea - To try and decrease the quantity of internet draw and quantity of active trades.

    It has only been in program for last week - according to commerce explorer attached to the thread.

    The CORE CODE was published by Voldermar227 a while ago and because it does things in a way that work with the thoughts, rather than attempting to re-write, I have only used my triggering suggestions to accomplish my goals.

    Huge thanks to Voldermar to the Core and also to Mladen to your TMA CG logic for triggering.

    Default settings are for an M1 Chart but don't hesitate to play around and see what you produce.

    Thread Rules:

    Group Test Accounts:
    Telac - M15
    vipbabariya M1
    vipbabariya M5

    Have Fun!
    Make Money!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Reason I ask, was Considering a Variant for larger Timefr, more Appropriate to larger lot sizes...
    Yes default settings except the lot =0.25

    Kinda like it on 1M Guy dont change it

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    Hi Mr. ,
    is the EA limited for Live trading? I analyzed your RevNN.1.2 at micro acc where is min. lot 0.10 and suffix (e.g. EURUSD.)
    Regrettably none commerce opened for more than a week - without any mistakes in specialist.
    Thanks for answer.

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    Shifted Focus...

    Following my Water Fast ended, I went into an Occasional Fasting Protocol.

    1 meal daily - eat as much as I wished to.

    There really are just issues with this idea, if you want to Gain Weight. . .problem being, you cannot consume one of your routine or days of ingestion, in one setting.

    Test me?

    Fuck yeah!

    You wanna see a man cut through 10 McDoubles interior of 5 minutes...I am your man!
    You wanna see a dozen hot dogs in buns gone in one meal. . .pshhhhhhhhh
    You wanna see somebody eat a large pizza to themselves? EASY!

    Swap that shit up too, this is the only meal you have to eat. . .and all of this becomes a lot harder.

    Your stomach shrinks and you also can't consume just as much. . .makes sense. . .but this is really only a small portion of the deal...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hey . I have made a new demo account 24/7 can be run by me, would really like to test out Lost Sock Revolution for you! See here https://forexintuitive.com/forex-tra...ng-levels.html
    Hey dude,

    Seems like you have lost in the shuffle. . .given your new position, I cannot send you a PM...

    Give the current model a whirl for acclimated..get some posts under your belt and we will get you in on a few of the next rounds.

    If all works out using the Testers that is going to be running revolution. . .we're just a couple weeks away from public release.

    Thank you for the attention and Welcome to FF!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So...I bet you might be asking yourself why choose as a tester for the thread and for revolution... Actually... never replied to the initial request for Revolution however was hand-picked... Why?? Straightforward... Without guys like , supporting whatever lunacy I come up with, I would have stopped this shit a long time ago! Should you need to see dediion, devotion, and one of the great guys here. . .subscribe to my man Energetic! Really I subscribe to be like!
    Thanks to for choosing me. I am your fans since 2013 once I start to use your Christmas Bot

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I may have just chosen the wrong pairs (or wrong time) to test. Currently, -1,150 pips in drawdown using the Hybrid NN nearly all of that is on USD/CHF and USD/JPY
    I am not a huge fan of USDJPY. . .and haven't actually touched the CHF pairs.

    USDJPY. . .looks like it might be another 2 days to retrace to weekly, under typical moves.

    Only a guess. . .that being said, it should only look to cost average after today...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    For my experience the original LS running M15 has been my champ. It is not as exciting to watch as it deals at clumps, then leaves things independently. You go through times of DD but in the end it wins without so many additional positions and retains margin joyful. I'd say it borders on incredible BTW this demo began with 3K!! image
    Outstanding results Telac!

    Are you operating the EA on complete default settings, or did you change anything? What is you average % DD far?

    $5k profit in 2.5 weeks is quite great!

    I tried M5 previously but it did not do so well for me personally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Excellent results ! Have you been running the EA on full default settings, or did you change anything? What can you average % DD far? $5k profit in 2.5 weeks is quite great! I tried M5 formerly but it didn't do this well for me personally.
    Trading .1 lots - requires a lot less trades on M15. At the beginning I had a DD at the 50% range but this was mainly as a result of bulk trades it sometimes took on the daily rollover when that awful chop happens. I've since set up an EA that turns autotrading off for about 45 minutes during that time....now all great.

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    From Last Week - GA - Friday.

    Was a small choppy day - LSE functioned to maintain trend and make profit will flipping between longs and shorts.

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