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    For my experience the first LS running M15 has been my champ. It's not quite as exciting to watch because it trades at clumps, then leaves things independently. You go through periods of DD but ultimately it wins without a lot of added positions and retains margin joyful. I'd say it borders on incredible

    BTW this demo began with 3K!!

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    It is not about me...

    It is not about you...

    Think about the Children!!

    Dear Gawd, I can't believe I'm stepping into this arena, but will giver a whirl.

    Alright. . .so we've had some pleasure. . .we've seen some risk. . .we've seen some reward. . .and the price of this has been on the evolution side that's right for you nothing. Sure, you might have spent any funds on your VPS in testing and maybe you have not really stepped into the arena to create or lose anything, but it is still what and that we are as a community!

    Now, I've stated, the last thing I'm considering, is getting back into the charity match. . .but yet. . .here I'm!


    Fuck. . .who knows. . .it's just what I do, I figure...


    Here is the deal!

    When I could get 50 people to consent to a $5 USD donation to the Ronald McDonald House, I'll launch the next innovation of Hybrid.

    Disclaimer. . .It might not be any better than anything else that is current. . .it might offer more risk.

    You may not ever make a dollar on it!!!

    But for a $5 USD bill...

    50 individuals who will commit to donating $5 USD to the Ronald McDonald house, and the next version is released.

    Link https://www.rmhccanada.ca/Donation

    Do 1 of 2 things...
    1. Let me know you are in message in thread and we could build some momentum.
    2. Post and donate your receipt keep your personal information out.

    Really...$5 USDx50, not a lot of scratch to develop with. . .maybe there is even 1 person that would drop down $250 USD and free this up for the crowd. . .whatever...


    Thems my limits!

    Let us work as a team and really, be thankful for what we have and pass this spirit along to people less fortunate.

    Or not...

    You select!

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    New Thread for Gifts - if You're interested - HERE

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    Can you see it?

    Can you Find the issues with Versions?

    Check it!

    No. . .sure it is kewl when it only activates when price has stalled in one direction. . .but here's the dealio!

    Price Drop in Green box. . .yeah, don't judge me. . .Red=SellBuy. . .normally this is for illuion!

    There is no chance or any fair chance to grid into this motherfucker on a lively range to capitalize here rather than fail in other areas, but where the red box remains, no additional transactions are taken!

    1 commerce price averaged in, to carry how many transactions over??

    Pissing into the end, is exactly what this is!

    The red box is gold, not speculatively gridding into an exodus. . .when this motherfucker is buying back!

    That's the missing link!
    This is what I will write in the charity bot!

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    turned into a very interesting week, to say the least...

    Even with all the USD strength this week and trading 21 entire pairs, Revolution NN has been able to trade from most places and is currently sitting flat. . .waiting for some new starts. . .Very Kewl!

    Weird the Trade Explorer still shows open trades though...

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