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Thread: Lost Sock Evolution - Automated

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    Daily Overbought and Oversold was written in again using the TMA CG indior to keep the EA from buying tops and selling bottoms.

    Great instance - Last Week - Friday - Cable.

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    AUDUSD - EA was caught in sell cycles from previously. Does not automatically continue to keep advertising but waits for the market to reveal directional weakness and opportunity to cost average trades.

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    Here's an idea about the way LSE will take partial profit - or Take out the pairs of newly coordinated socks.

    Very Kewl!

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    Thanks for sharing, . . .Will examine it this week...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thanks for sharing, . . .Will test this week...
    Hey Brother Bazze!!

    Good to see ya still kicking it.

    Allow me to know how we progress throughout the week, don't hesitate to shed a TE for reference.


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    Forgot to mention but is obviously shown in these sequence of trades...

    Because the LSE is trained to wait for a suitable position and won't look to accept an immediate market turn, at the EURAUD trades shown below, you can see there was an chance to take additional brief trades, but because of what was considered a FLAT market, the EA sat out this bunch.

    Rather, on market gap up, took profits on exactly what missed on a trend-shift out of preceding.

    No. . .not always going to workout in your favor. . .but kind of kewl when it does.

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    Added a Template folder into the very first article.

    That is actually the EA VIEW. Logic based on the templates and indiors .

    Should look something like the following when implemented.

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    Thanks for EA champ!

    That I am going to forward test the 4H timeframe for this EA. Ill post up results after a week or two.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thanks for EA champ! I will forward test the 4H timeframe. Ill post up results after a week or 2. Cheers
    H4 timeframe....


    Most of everything I do is at the fast frame, have never actually played anything (automated) on anything longer than an M15, so would be quite interested in what pairs and how they end up performing.

    This one, as in the Trade Explorer attached is on an M1 chart.

    Allow me to know how you make out.

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