50% in five months
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Thread: 50% in five months

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    The title doesn't reflect my target, it reflects my performance.

    Granted, it reflects my game account performance, but bear with me.

    Back in August I had an Oanda game account with about $1000 inside and started some transactions on EUR/TRY and EUR/HUF. Following September I stopped logging into the account for whatever reason, and it's just ran since then with $2000 on EUR/TRY and $ 7000 on EUR/HUF.

    Now I started the account and saw that it had $470 in profit, with $350 of the out of curiosity. Drawdown have to have been bad a couple of times, but I believe that is something I will go with.

    My current egy is to use a tiny quantity of cash I've put aside as fun money to get started. Both pairs are sitting on a ledge near the center of the 18 month range, therefore if the global economy improves they will keep the escalator climb to profits, but when there are issues then the account will require an elevator ride to unrealized loss.

    For this reason, I'll begin with low leverage and add to the account as price moves together or from me.

    Later on, I might have the ability to convince my accountant to let me part with a couple of dollars each month to add to the account. It will take six months of profit to convince her. If I am able to make 35%-50 that will become my new risk free rate of return standard to estimate other trading systems by.

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    In the event the results of my clinic account are not sufficient to convince me to provide the exotic high attention program a chance, then maybe my real cash account will work. I left a 60% return after losing 30% to highly leverage scalps, so basically I was split from November. January has proved to be a bust, with a loss so far. I am still using low leverage entrances, but headfakes are killing me.

    I just really do not care to invest hours and hours studying charts. I am bored with it, frued, and unsuccessful. Props to the people who have managed to figure out a winning daily trading , but I am the tails side of that coin reverse frequently than not.

    Therefore, I am planning to do a bit of fundamental analysis (HUF looks to be moving contrary to any position I will take for the next month or so) and egy some entrances. My deadline is ground sloth slow, because caffeinated trading really is a killer but that's OK. If I will reach my goals in the first post, I will be pleased as punch and able to budget a deposit to the account.

    I am not entirely giving up on additional trading ideas, but my clinic accounts at Oanda are currently full of systems that I do not need to test more than once weekly. I will probably log into daily since I am a little compulsive but I will try to kick the habit of playing with my entrances and exits and etc..

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    Here is another idea I am working on. Working out OK up to now. I've been trying these grids for a few months off and on. It worked out, but the drawdown can get big when the markets range. January was good for me.

    Live is up 62 percent since mid December doing this sort of thing. More active than the exotic attention commerce riskier, idk.

    You can't hedge with Oanda, so that I go short CHFJPY, AUDJPY, CADJPY and long EURJPY, NZDJPY, USDJPY. Not ideal hedges, but good with broad spacing between orders.

    I wonder if I could just go long and short on precisely the same pair using a hedging broker and get fantastic results. hmm...

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    Hmm.... interesting discussion.

    If M1 or even 10S are the only timeframes that cause success, then how do you account for my outcomes? I've been trading with a lot of success like this for weeks and I believe my system is validated by my results.

    Truth is, there are lots of systems on FF, and lots of timeframes to utilize. Cornflower Blue system, THV, MysticGenie's systems, Strat's Long Term.... etc.. They can all work.


    I have to mention that using squiggly lines on a 1M or 10s TF does not sound like a fantastic idea, since MA's and oscillators are so aggressively, but if it works for you, best of luck. I've discovered that noise accounts for approximately 10-20 pips of version, especially during the most heavy trading periods, therefore this kind of scalping has never worked for me. To each his own.

    As far as Turveyd's announcement that he's in the 98% now but will probably be in the 2% in two weeks - unlikely. Buddy, you've got to settle down instead of chatting up everyone, and transaction. This is a business and needs to be treated that way. My Foreign Exchange business can only be tended to once or twice a day, and I believe that scalping is your way to bankruptcy, so that my stops are hundreds of pips off. That's also why I've been earning 30%-60% or more per month.

    Therefore for the newbies who posted here, I have some advice. Don't hear the men and women who post a lot on here, especially those who get involved in spats. Just consider the difference between Don Corleone and a two bit street hustler - which one has time? The Godfather does not care, he just makes money.

    Second, and here's my real advice to you: no transaction you take should transcend the equity in your account. Ever. If your broker has a minimum transaction size of $1000, you need to deposit $1000. If you can't do this, find a nanolot broker that provides $100 sizing. In reality, I recommend depositing $10 at Oanda, and handling each penny as it if were a dollar. By comprising winning as soon as you've doubled your money, you might be ready to deposit money.

    I've almost doubled my $10 because I got serious last fall.

    I have another $350 set aside to trade with once I feel as if my multiday breakout egy is really functioning and not a fluke.

    I've lost $640 in both years that I've tested various squiggly line systems, therefore I believe I've paid my own dues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Oh and because there was so much extraneous conversation I'd like to ask - does anyone have an opinion on either of my own systems? Has anybody attempted this kind of idea? Feedback of any sort is valued. I'll post screenshots.
    Your system is a carry trade system, correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    your system is a carry trade system, correct?
    I have really described two different systems. One is essentially a carry trade on exotics, another is a directional breakout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hmm.... interesting discussion.

    If M1 or even 10S are the sole timeframes that cause success, then how do you account for the outcomes? ...
    Here is a screen shot of the charts, of my EMA's working, yes I need to accommodate them from time to time to suite different market requirements, yet this chart wasn't back fitted thats just the very same settings. I exchange the Price crossing the EMA, not EMA Crosses which are too slow, yes there are a lot of head fakes which you have to escape the way together and accept a small reduction before they become a large reduction cause even at -20pip the losses sure as hell add up.

    Last night was a friday, the market was shut and FXCM was down anyhow regrettably, I multi task well though.

    My advice would be don't listen to anybody like me except for in this situation maybe LOL

    Scalping is not for everybody, but it is the perfect way to destroy a account as well as the perfect method to make it fly, is contingent on the trader more than any platform.

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    Hello Turveyd.

    Yeah, I've attempted to do this type of thing before. It looks sooooo great once you look at screenshots, and also do a backtest. What could be more easy? In practice I found it too stressful. For starters, I can't trade out of work and work fulltime. So I've got a little bit of time before work (8:30 fundamental us moment) and then after work I could perform the japanese session.

    What I've discovered is that I really really really don't like staring at a screen for several hours, waiting for this one enormous MA crossover with a fantastic OB/OS sign and the ideal price action. If you're able to do this, great for you. Seriously. You'll be able to clean house. You could think about using the THV system for this, though you'll need MT4 for charting.

    Truth is, I've made more with this tiny grid that I've done with whatever else. And I don't need to stress out, or spend a lot of time. My main grief is when price then falls down , and headfakes upward because I'm at work or asleep, and that I miss a fantastic exit opportunity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello .

    Yeah, I have attempted to do this sort of thing before....
    Self employeed so having the ability to grab a trade inbetween work / late-night Asian session functions for me personally, a Job would make it a lot more prohibitive ofcourse.

    Ofcourse it seems great after the fact what does not, it's taken a long time and a lot of use M1 ( Meta4 ) charts that I never had the complete info I was after, just discovered the S10 charts 2 months ago, S10 apears to be the key, simpler to browse and tighter exits on fakes, so far so great but early days!!

    In case your Grid is functioning and earning any money whatsoever for you then keep going, you have got to take with your limited time it's not likely to be ideal nothing ever is.

    I'll return and look at your Grid system in a bit do not think I have ran to that formerly!!

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    OK, I have had a couple of emails about what I'm doing, and I understood that I have generated some confusion since I'm speaking about two unique thoughts. I don't feel guilty because this type of trading journal after all. ;--RRB-

    Idea One: commerce exotics for carry

    This is what made 50% in five months, and it's my benchmark for assessing the results of anything else. If I can make 50% in five months doing nothing, then why if I do anything else and earn less? I would post a screenshot, however, Oanda is not displaying my entries just my departure.

    My fundamental idea is simple. Input a trade equivalent to account equity. You can not get a margin call in case your leverage is 1:1. If price moves against you, simply wait a while until it seems to achieve a good S/R, and enter another 1:1 trade. You can do this a few times without worry.

    though price really spike, I finally ended up at a really good profit. If you do a fundy analysis and pay attention to S/R, you can select some entries. This is a good system for people who want create a deposit and to take care of it like a 401k.

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