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    Most noobs are taught to exchange what they believe or view which by default puts you on the exact same aspect as the herd. If 95 percent are shedding, what are the odds that a new approach using a variant of the exact same old defunct theories utilizing the exact same old indiors will set you on the winning side of the curve?

    Building a living from the markets requires that you recognize and respond to the behaviour of others, not analyzing patterns and utilizing indiors to time transactions.

    The market ensures that nobody has got a static advantage by repliing the exact same precise egy. Otherwise, it might become massively exploited with huge capital. When there was this kind of loophole that developed, it would be quickly closed. If participants instantaneously ch onto it then the price proceeds to complete efficacy. This action is not created by any individual or specific group, it's the auction itself and all of the participants acting in the entirety that create the movement.

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    Together with the eco-system analogy, the task for the trader becomes one of finding one's niche to feed in. Then the market is a friend, not an adversary, and you can be happy and safe in a comparatively static loion even while swimming with sharks.

    So that it becomes a question of understanding the eco-system of this market, and the place within it. We will need to know as much as you can about another fish, how they feed and move, and then identify our niche and how to exploit it.
    I know somebody else already quoted it in this thread, however I have never heard the market explained with this analogy, and quite honestly I can't believe I haven't; it is perfect.

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    There are no winning entries. There are no winning transactions which are determined beforehand as many would like to trust. It is a game of who has the will to hang in there and who will push out the other. It is a game of chicken and a game of poker. I best compare it to a tennis game in which one participant will wear the other down to the stage that an unforced error is made.

    Many of us are correct in direction and premise on our winning transactions but still wind up committing to the market. This is the a consequence of the trader on the opposite side having...
    Very matter-of-fact along with the absolute truth. An entry can look promising but neglect; another may appear half-baked, but take off like a rocket and still there are those which look promising and really perform. I think trading using probabilities in your mind and graciously taking the outcome the entry gives is the thing to do. Gotta flow with the market. The other hand has the advantage before we trade, but there are still ways to take the giant down and make a few pips.

    I think a trader ought to have some deliberate system/method of trading. Being ready to deal with the emotional beating on the way to profits then becomes critical to getting those pips in your pocket. And that is where the games begin. . .with the a trader goes through. In this industry, traders are compensated to take on risk. Risk implies danger and this is where the war begins. . .within the trader. Yes, a border is essential, but the trader must be able to weather the travel. Do not even need to be on the perfect side of this market to make money. . .and I understand that can be accomplished. It is all about the trader. Should MAs work for you, great. Fantastic, In case the game theory approach works for you. If you may work with any trading approach and get paid frequently, then. . .there it's. It does make it a bit easier though if you understand the one on the opposite side of this game that is functioning the roller-coaster.

    There are no winning transactions which are determined beforehand. . .with one exception. . .and that is the case where the trader would be the sole shing the market.

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