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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Can not get Xuicide to run in my tester.
    Do you mean that the Strategy Tester or even a Demo Account?

    It'll do absolutely nothing about the Strat Tester. Until you commence the trade cycle by taking the very first trade manually. . .it will not operate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Manual Trades always have a magic number of 0. Place this back to default and try again
    Thanks for your reply.
    But even with all the magic number at 0 after my first guide trade the EA doesn't require any entrance, however EA closed my first trade when he reached the$ TP.
    Strange did Im in that case ?

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    The stats clarify everything....

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    My revolution 1.3 finally blew up.... But the EA is still amazing and I'll now go over the transactions and apparatus a plan on the best way to conduct the EA and also make some beer money.

    For those that don't understand-- I was stress testing the EA by letting it run 24- 7 with no manual intervention.... The EA was up over 600$ at one point and then slowly got into DD. By looking at the trade history I can see how to conduct the EA with guide intervention and drink some free beer.

    Its one of the greatest EAs I have ever analyzed and for the most part I find EAs just a waste of time however that EA has given me a hope that an EA can be profitable when used properly....

    Thank you to your time and effort in this


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Updates The stats describe everything... image image
    Hello ,

    Would you possibly add the steplot function?

    That would be great. With that I can decrease my measure order and lot. I am playing around with some very low ADR pairs and this function can help me validate some parameters I am testing. Thank you.

    Hybrid is amazing as usual. It ended the week with a blast.

    Have a great weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Timeframe=M1. If on anything aside from that, you probably will never see a transaction. There's no restrictions and no expiry on anything published within this thread. If you're still experiencing issues, post your log files and I will check shit out of this aspect.
    Something between variant:
    Revolution N opened transactions OK, later variation does nothing.

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    Hi ,

    love your Xuiside Scalper EA, thanks for that one

    Even though it's been asked before (too lazy to go through the entire thread):
    Can it be possible to alter the close of all available orders in the event of TP target reached to order closure by?
    That would imply @TP Point in the event you are net long 1.0 that the EA would start a 1.0 short and close all orders with a close by?
    You do not get slipped as possible get when closing single orders

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Something between version: Revolution N opened trades OK, later version does nothing.
    Seems to me, if there were problems with the coding of the latest version, we'd have more members that would have brought this up.

    Check your configuration and Log files and try again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello , actually love your Xuiside Scalper EA, thanks for that you Even if it's been asked before (too lazy to go through the whole thread): Can it be possible to alter the close of all open orders in the event of TP target attained to order close? That would mean @TP Point in the event you're net long 1.0 the EA would start a 1.0 short and shut all orders with a close by? You don't get slipped as possible get when final single orders
    I've worked with numerous final logics and found this to really be the most effective.

    Given the speedy frame that I've always worked with, I do love that this is unquestionably part of the egy and have worked to make it solved by exit egy.

    There are times when you get some slippage from youpersonally, but typically more times than not, it'll be in favor.

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    Hey , I checked on my REV1.2 after I'd discovered it didn't open or close a transaction for a complete afternoon, I found that in the log.

    I closed an reopened mt4 and a lot of trades closed and opened, and now seems to be working fine again. Any idea why this may have happened?
    All default setting except I created magic number 0

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