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    You are there. You have a floating USD/JPY in this triangle. Did not understand that at the time of initial posting. To clarifying, thank others and you.

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    Whatever happened to this interesting experiment Electric Savant was undertaking about a year and a half on carry trade baskets?

    It just disappeared.

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    What's the Binary Equation Crap? Can you elaborate? Its a Money Management System. If the underlying system makes constant profits then this MM can only help...I'd like to understand your take though....

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Brentmark yoy've been extermely blessed so far. But email us when you lose all of your cash in a demo account.
    I analyzed this egy extensively a little while back on various pairs. There is a belief as standard that one may find some magical pair combination in some magical ratio to each other so that they will be eaualized. But that just does not happen. They get out of sync every 3-4 months and then go deeper and deeper to red. This happens when syddenly 1 pair refuses to cooperate and acts while others simply sit there and hardly move. They equalize to a new amount which is $600-700 under what it had been.
    BTW the man who gave me this sterategy and was swearing by it, now hawks a few martingale system on the net called binary equation (another piece of junk).

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    Any update to this particular calculator

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    their been any upgrades to this calculator? Is thier one which could
    be used for other pairs or to alter lot size?

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    I also studied this system before, the reason its Functioning is since GBP/JPY been going up to the sky... but when it decided to go down, u will Require maximum blow in the face with your cash, this triangle Method seem to Burden on the GBP/JPY as it move up or down, Occasionally in Additional Types but a lot of Burden on GBP/JPY, if Un Evaluation around years 1998-2000 u Can lose Around 3200 pips onto a dip when u're using this Method... yes its been working Recently... cause of the GBP/JPY... =(

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    Thanks! I only downloaded it and will have time Tuesday to read the directions and check out it.

    : ) Thom

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