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    Interesting our opposites trading methods...

    You counter-trade the fad and I just traded the brief term starting fad in CADJPY precisely.

    You are correct, it broke a current large which could signal a new trend (at least short term) or like quite often in trend trading... another false signal, we will see, I am long at 84.31

    Good luck ! And well done for your 100% yield

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Interesting our opposites trading approaches... You counter-trade the trend and I just traded the short term starting trend in CADJPY precisely. You are correct, it broke a recent high which could indie a new trend (at least short term) or like very often in trend trading... another false sign, we will see, I am long at 84.31 Good luck ! And well done for your 100% return
    Thanks for your remarks, and decent fortune too.

    Really, what generates the chances with a swing or counter trend approach is the existence of trends. Price is going up ok, in a fashion, now the next question is, where is loed in the map? Is it at the bottom, at the very top or at the center? If a chance of a turn happens, then I am patiently waiting. While that waiting happens price can travel up further, where of the trend traders make their money.

    In the end there is money for everyone. This is the reason why most of the time that I see a pair I see how the fashion followers are making their cash, but I am ok with that, since ideally I see, without putting the trade nonetheless.

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    Went to sleep using some set of alarms should the CADJPY, NZDJPY and also the majors NZDUSD, AUDUSD and USDCAD came to levels. Did not happen. In fact cycles are currently currently revealing the down from the CADJPY, however with combined data. Time see what's happening from a perspective and to narrow in the opinion.

    I will miss a trade when moving from the trend and which is going to be fine, the equity stays untouched. What I don't entertain is buying only because the trend is upward, that's losing money, or even in the center (where all of the crosses take place). Either you buy in the base or you do not buy, what has made the distinction and that is my opinion.

    Buy at the bottoms and Sell in the tops.

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    The CADJPY trade remains intact. Reconnection hasn't happened yet. Trend up. As bonus cycles are currently revealing that the down - BUT - cycles at the microlevel are revealing a renewing up going on at the top. This means that if I am still considering a Sell I can wait to get a better place.

    84.75 is an excellent goal for entrance. We'll see.

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    The 15:00 opening of the session (considering that the day begins at 00:00 at MT4) is confirming that the up in the CADJPY. Experience tells 30 pips of not having a better standing.

    Counter trend entries are all about seeing the traffic while standing on the sidewalk. The lane with cars heading north remains blocking, although I see the lane moving to the south that is where I wan na na get, and empty. Can't walk.

    By the way, this transaction is not just Reconnection - it's El Giro candidate as well (long term).

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    Microcycles still not showing down the turn, for that it may take another 2-4 hours, however I only Sold the CADJPY when Bid was 84.70, 5 pips before my target, space enough to begin commiting myself to the trade.

    This level is secured to depart at least at B/E, which is one of the items my system targets.

    Still another beneficiary today was that the NZDJPY.

    Both trades applicants for long term and El Giro FX has started the same trades too.

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    Majors showing trades!

    I use the exclamation mark since the majors very infrequently move to extreme amounts, at least not at the frequency which the crosses do.

    Pair / Looking to / Target Entry

    AUDUSD / Sell / 0.7460
    NZDUSD / Sell / 0.7365
    USDCAD / Buy / 1.2620

    Extra notes:

    They all are past beyond the S/R 76.8 percent of the Week, which doesn't mean squat, but supplied the cycles turn round those amounts and in the moving extremes, the transactions are fabulous.

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    Complete map of Chances of the day:

    Arrows showing the direction of the opportunity. The number preceding each arrow represents ten times the amount of candles in which price was disconnected from the equilibrium. This usually means the CADJPY was disconnected more than 80 M15 candles, almost 1 day (1 day = 96 M15 candles). Not a commerce but if the cycles turn at the intense is a trade that is good.

    A top commerce is when price was disconnected over 100 M15 candles. These trades are no brainer. Observation is required by rest of them. Very likely the monitoring will decide to stay out, and that amount can reach the over 100 candles while outside.

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    3 trades currently open, all with 1 position.

    The chance of price closing in the High or Low of the afternoon is always current, always. That's adding positions needs to be done with patience.

    The first position is always hard work, but the second position should be laser. The position is the accountable for owning a little DD whilst seeking to profit, or even.

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    Very involved in the market now.

    2 early positions, one on each of those CADJPY and NZDJPY, rest looks good. Target rollover to close both of these places that are negative to keep margin.

    Probably looking for two better positions in both the NZDUSD and USDCAD.

    Worst case situation in the AUDUSD has kept me from penetrating Brief in that pair, but is still open to be traded, same as the AUDJPY.

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