I downloaded the Background of CABLE for Its Hourly Rate. I obtained 3630 figures which workout to be 151 days after I subtracted out new years and Christmas as well as the weekends out of the information for non trading days. I have done a bunch of IF() functions to find out what type of results I'd have if I tried to base my own trades on particular things. You are likely to easily figure out exactly what I did with what I am about to tell you:

Winning/Breaking Even:
I found that 85.5% ( / - 3.8%) of the time I break even with 4 pips. The”potential gain” ranges from 0 to 155 and operates almost exponentially from 155 to 0 meaning the lower values are more likely to occur than the higher values. The average is 19. The median value is 7. This means 50% of those 85.5 are above 7 pips and 50% are below.

I found that 14.5% ( /- 3.8%) of the time that I lose. Losers range using a median value of -10 and an average of -14 from -1 to -155. I noticed these loses are almost exponential growing by the price from top to low Noted. (Very little large loses, a lot of little loses.)

I reasoned that as I attempt to earn a profit larger than 0, the likelihood of winning become less and obviously my losses will rise. I am searching for someone that can help me analyze the information to come up to make the most of the range I've given. I'd like to talk through MSN ([email protected]). If I told you 85.5% of the time, I could at least break even which is about 8% of that. I want to be able to maximize the profits! In case you have any queries regarding proportions, throw your query here. I will check this thread daily.