I am going to post some trades I am making using an interesting divergence indior to enter subsequently use the trailing stop feature in metatrader to exit after the price goes 200 pips.

We all know that trading using divergence is EASY MONEY.

I am using this indior which constantly analyzes the peaks on a stochastic RSI indior and once the divergence is discovered it gives me an alert. Then I wait until the indior goes and rolls the 80 rsi when performing a market or put in a buy once the indior pops up and rolls the 20 line on this indior. This is a great set up I think.

When you get divergence from this indior on a 1 hour chart it gives a strong singal to enter a trade. I've discovered it has about 80% accuracy for entrance when you think about the divergence and the touching of the rsi. The first trade I did was about 2 trading days back on the GBPJPY.

It draws the trend lines around the peaks of this indior in red when they are being compared to price and blue when assessing the valleys and comparing to price.

Spotted the divergence and the cross of this rsi on the 1 hour chart and took a long position which has not closed yet.

Entrance: 196.86
Current price: 200.20
Pip growth: 334
Unrealized profit boost in account: 57 percent
Unrealized profit in dollars: $6719

I posted a screenshot of this metatrader to reveal to you the commerce as it has not
yet closed.