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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Me and CG post on plan the trade in journal section we will only stay there. It truly makes no sense showing tdi with price action it's apples versus oranges
    It's not apples vs oranges in case individuals would use the TDI as a momentum indior like it ought to be used, vs. an entry single. Take a 1 2 3 entry in conjunction.

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    By using tdi or Some Other indior to wait for Verifiion will always be late it's to by Character and Together with the Theme of buying lower selling Greater will be removed Awaiting an indior that Is why we Revealed the difference in Studying and being led by price action and being led by any indior so we will Return to our thread and hope those who do the research will discover this Fact

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote there is a TIMING to when to sell and when to buy not only the Loion to sell or buy. The PAC is a visual trading appliion. picture
    Emmanuel, could you please elaborate on that timing vs loion point you mentioned? This seems pertinent but I an not sure how to translate it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    By employing tdi or any indior to wait for confirmation will remain late it has to by character and together with the theme of buying lower selling higher will be eliminated awaiting an indior that is the reason why we revealed the difference in studying and being led by price action and being led by almost any indior so we'll go back to our thread and expect those who do the study will discover that this truth
    I agree, but not always late... I still use the TDI indior in expectation of trend change or continuation of the current trend. Occasionally, it looks ahead of fundamentals. With regards to price action... I concur with other traders that stated that PA indiors are only the same... click for more info.

    ";Technicals go just with fundamentals behind it. Technicals move ahead of Fundamentals; Market buys (or sells) on expectation of profit. Always, it is an intuition for profit. And whatever worries there are #8212; political, social or economic #8212; are calculated risks in company. ";

    #9755; Why Technicals move ahead of Fundamentals?
    ";Occasionally, too much speculation pushes the price and added with some greed, the technical will direct too much before its fundamentals that will get the price to correct, consolidate. . .then either it breaks outside to begin, resume or end a trend. ";

    By the way, I noticed that you use Market Profile... I enjoy it in my day-to-day trading analysis.

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    Enjoy it if a member post a contradictio: (v2vboni - click for more information)

    Looking at the last post's where member's blasted TDI = everything now?

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    that I love the older 'Fundamentals' vs 'Technical analysis' argument.

    Well, I for one, couldn't care less about 'Fundies'. Everything I need to know is at a chart.

    Here is a complete article about Trump and regarding his policy towards the $

    Does he need a weaker dollar or does not he? Etc

    Now here is a chart I created of the DX in a year ago;

    Okay, so in the chart, I wanted one more high... a pattern I would certainly not call again now if I were to attempt to label it. In reality the 123, activate and retrace in the top could have been fine, particularly if wave two of 'C' was intermittent.

    Well, my point is, that applying EW, revealed that we can expect big falls from that area over 2017/2018 as we fix the whole upmove, or pullback within an 'X' wave, either way, it has the same result;

    So tell me, didn't need to understand what Trump's policy could be on the $ a year ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I really like the older 'Fundamentals' vs 'Technical analysis' argument. Well, I for one, could not care less about 'Fundies'. Everything I have to know is in a chart. Here's a whole article about Trump and seeing his policy towards the $ Does he need a weaker dollar or doesn't he? Etc etc Now here is a chart I made of the DX in a year ago; picture Okay, in the chart, I wanted...
    Can you submitted that a year ago you'd have had a rock solid proof that anything you're using is working. Now it is meaningless, for any member can use a chart from a year ago, plot some lines and say: '' I told you (hindsight trading)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Cable Did you posted that a year ago you'd have had a rock solid proof that anything you are using is functioning. Now it is pointless, for any member can use a chart from a year before, plot some traces and say: '' I told you (hindsight trading)
    Well, the only sensible answer I can provide you to that.... Is that I do not believe I have anything to prove to anyone besides myself.

    I am not in the habit of keeping clean charts from a year ago, so that I can doctor them up to make myself look like any kind of guru.

    I can find many many charts that I've posted previously, frequently at odds with some big named 'hotshot' advisors and proved precisely the same as my prior post. EW can be quite very accurate if combined together with fibs...

    You have to have thick skin to post your charts, thoughts or anything at all, for that matter online. There was a time that I would have been affected by this kind of accusation, but now, I just laugh)

    I laugh because of just how absurd your accusation seems (to me).

    Did I exchange the chart I published? NO! Would wait for a year to see any results?!

    I will direct you to your creativity and thoughts. My point was only that I do not think in listening to fundamentals. TA in today's era, is.

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    Dow theory says fundamentals are priced into the market Only Examine the chart

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So tell me, did I need to understand what Trump's policy would be about the $ a year ago?
    IMO:... certainly you do not, because that has been your trading style at the time... do not you? .

    The fact that the price up a little, but not level with your C or didn't create the E as you've expected it to be until the price goes down, wherein the chart pattern analysis was based on your prior amount of EW understanding a year ago. Thus, it's difficult to imagine what exactly in your mind... likely you're waiting for the price to make your D or E.

    But now... It is simpler to say that after the fact. Hayzzz... If only we've got a crystal ball or a time machine. ; )-

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