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Thread: Is Bitcoin about to crash?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Okay Bitcoiners, I am outa here now as I do not trade BTC so I've more important things to focus on, but it has been enjoyable watching and commenting on all of the action. I don't have any idea where she's going to move from here --new lows for this season a possibility as new highs are. Trade secure, and do not blow all your money!! Dosvidanya!
    Thank you for your analysis. I learned some things that were useful.

    Vsego horoshego!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thanks for your analysis. I learned a few things. Vsego horoshego!
    I'm glad. To you too!

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    Price action is having a bit of trouble breaking above 11400, all things being equal it has a high probability of doing this and should push greater towards 11950 into 12000 and then possibly a period of consolidation before driving greater.

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    About the situation in South Korea, after much deliberation, apparently they've decided not to prohibit cryptocurrencies after all.

    Https:// According to reports the government will enforce a ban on anonymous transactions and trading through virtual anonymous bank accounts, starting from January 30. Six South Korean banks will issue new trading accounts, according to KYC requirements. This usually means that the title on the traders' account in the market and at the bank must match.

    I don't feel that this sort of legislation alone can lead to a big crash.

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    Price is apparently holding above 11400. There's a high probability that price may push through 12000 and mind but with a risk of resistance at 13000. Will have to wait and see what the market determines. The market is always right !

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    Ha ! Ha! Bitcoin opinion is being monitored by those AI Bots like a hawk!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote quote . . .and dropped!!! WOW!!! picture That is tarot reading and EMA200 picture
    Two weeks passed , no changes . .it just take time to get 8000|7000...
    even people with BAC over 0.08 cannot watch 13000 anytime soon

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    Planning for Bitcoin to crush by spring time. Banks are always the winners and enormous shorts are constructing.
    I am short this crap from 16500$ and maybe will turn into the very first lien about selling this BS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Planning for Bitcoin to crush under 100$ by spring time. Banks are the winners and shorts are constructing. I am short that crap from 16500$ and possibly will turn into the first millionaire about promoting this BS.
    This time is best for you then your forecast EURUSD going back to 1.08 from 1.11 last year...

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    a couple weeks before, all guessing stuffed:
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Down move is not over:9700, 8700, 8000. . .or so.
    Currently 8200, performed here.

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