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Thread: Is Bitcoin about to crash?

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    Alright, therefore BTC has pushed just shy of $20,000 today!! But look at how much it has now climbed above its 200 daily moving average, it's just nuts. It defies all logic in order for it to keep on climbing without a pullback from these levels. I'm not wishing it, for I truly do not care what it does, as I am not holding Bitcoin, but by a pure TA perspective, this thing seems to be screaming to come down. Would anybody be buying it? A wonderful fat doji closed out today, and following a big, positive full candle on Saturday,...
    Hi ,
    Thank you for your topic. In addition, I see exactly what you say, that the bitcoin monster is currently rising like mad at unsustainable rates in comparison to some of the typical currencies. I see it coming to the 4H ema until it hits on 20k and flies to the moon. Cat, may I ask about the indior you use to check for divergence, can it be MACD 12 and 26 interval? Apologies for the query began my difficult and long journey to be a trader a couple of months ago.
    Kind Regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I believe Bitcoin will be a USD1Trn market capitalisation, particularly if the Gold Market, plus a risk-off asset class includes a market capitalisation around USD7Trn. This means Bitcoin could attain in the range of USD60k - 70k each Bitcoin; also it would probably well exceed any other market bubble in history by a number of occasions. Before shorting I'm waiting until then!
    I repeat it will strike USD60-70k according to Fundies, easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello , Thank you to your topic. In addition, I see what you say, that the bitcoin monster is climbing like mad at unsustainable rates in comparison to some of the standard currencies. I see it returning to the 4H ema until it strikes on past 20k and flies to the moon. Cat, may I ask about the indior you use to test for divergence, can it be MACD period to 26 and 12? Apologies for the query began my long and difficult journey to be a trader a couple of months ago. Kind Regards,
    Hello Tzumo,

    Yes, it's MACD 12,26,9. The histogram can do the job, although the ribbon is much more reliable.



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    Alright, BTC, following yesterday's article is coming down. First support evaluation is going to be the H1 100sma currently at 18,065. It breaks and if it gets therethe 200ema/sma are both at 17,125. Both amounts can bring buyers back in, however to new highs? We'll need to see. Should the H1 200ema break though we have to visit the greater time frames to determine where the primary support lies. If Bitcoin is going to ditch to amounts that are lower it is still early days, with a great deal of cash sitting on the side hoping for higher amounts. , as with all bubbles, the more this cash begins to fear, the lower it goes!

    ....quick upgrade. It is currently coming from the 30m 200ema today, again as it did. Then what it might do is monitor back towards the 100sma on the 30m tf, which will be coming round over the top now if it's likely to behave like any other device. A pattern like this will replie itself with great frequency, particularly when momentum is currently down, since it's atm on the time frames. The price goes through the 100sma, finds support on sma or the 200 ema, tracks up towards the 100sma, then drops to new lows. We'll see what happens this time. I have the 30m 100sma @ 19,070

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    Can Bitcoin maintain rally?

    Bitcoin futures started trading on the CME overnight, which is the world's largest futures exchange. This is the exchange to provide bitcoin futures, further diluting the crypto currency's legitimacy. The launch has gone quite smoothly so much, which should strengthen investor confidence. But with the increase of other cryptos, such as Etherium Bitcoin Cash and Ripple, can Bitcoin keep its remarkable rally or has it gone up too high? Sentiment remains positive and investors' appetite unquenchable despite the extreme volatility and beyond vulnerability of Bitcoin. I personally don't feel that Bitcoin is at a bubble yet, however after every Tom, Dick and Harry begins talking about it then you will know it's in a bubble. After that, who coulf know what the high will be?

    But for now, BTC/USD still stays in a powerful uptrend despite the current consolidation. While Bitcoin futures climbed over the 20K market immediately, the asset has yet to hit this hurdle. But the consolidation below this degree means it could be a matter of time before price possibly tests that degree. We haven't seen any signs of reversal so much and all of the support levels remain undamaged. In reality, after the fall, the crypto currency bounced nicely off an integral service at 17900, which was resistance. In addition, a bullish trend line which cut through this area held firm.

    Thus, going forward, 17900 will be the pivotal level to watch now as the bulls and bears fight it outside. Only a break below this level would signify the prejudice would turn bearish. Meanwhile the important area to watch is 19275 and between 18975, which has been support, currently offering a little bit of resistance. The bulls demand a move over this area as this could affirm the break below Sunday's low of 18465 was just a run on stops rather than a break in market structure. When and if price breaks over here there further resistance before the 20K mark. Beyond this plogical hurdle are the Fibonacci extension rates of the latest fall, at 20165 (127.2 percent) and 20800 (161.8 percent), where we may see some long-side profit-taking, should price get there in the first place.

    Resource: TradingView and . Please notethat that the prices on the chart could be different to those offered by

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    Its own hype maintains BTC rush and fueled by greed. However, it has zero fundamental value. Literally zero. Everyone hopes it will go over 50-60-100K or much more and thats why they keep pumping their money in, to be early adopters and also to gain a big yield in their favored fiat currency. Not to encourage the idea or a new currency. They're there for your fiat money.
    While additional asset classes like stocks, metals, etc. represent real world value and have real world progr, BTC has none. Especially because its Blockchain technologies is stoneage, in comparison to other Cryptos like BCH, ETH, XMR, etc. (Transaction fees, effort and time)

    Sure, back in the days visionary people desired it to be the new currency of the future, but apart from from some hipsters who employed BTC to buy some pizza or coffee, its main appliion was anonymous payment in the Darknet. Some big names like Dell or Steam approved BTC payment, however they have all removed this option again, since it wasn't utilized and / or penalties and transaction time became too high.

    So the original BTC ideology has shifted to other Cryptos like BCH, ETH, XMR, etc..

    Does this imply BTC will wreck? No. Nothing is meant by it. I'm still invested aswell as in ETH BCH, XMR as well as many others. But the unnatural growth on one side worries me at the same moment, also makes me joyful. So I started to reevaluate my portfolio over the past weeks.
    Also BTC is the best example that a market is never overbought or oversold. Individuals might pay what they believe is its value. Particularly if they see it rising daily and YouTube filled with videos featuring celebrities like Richard Branson or Bill Gates and titles like Bitcoin will strike $100.000 or $1 MILL.

    At the Fed Press Conference last Wednesday, Yellen was asked a question about Bitcoin. She replied that Bitcoin plays a smale function in the payment method, it is not a stable store of value, it is an extremely speculative advantage and is not a legal tender.

    Long story short: My opinion would be to milk the cow so long as possible. However, to be ready to jump off until people wake up. With the cancellation of this upgrade that was 2x, many investors have withdrawn their money and put it in Cryptos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    .... Now if it is likely to act like any other device is track back to the 100sma on the tf, which will be currently coming round over the top. A pattern like this tends to replie itself with frequency, especially when momentum is currently down, since it is atm on the time frames. The price goes via the 100sma, finds service on sma or the 200 ema, tracks up towards the 100sma falls to new highs. We'll see what happens this time. I have the 30m 100sma @ 19,070
    I'm only quoting myself only to draw attention to what I said yesterday, as for all traders reading this, what I wrote is important, since it is a pattern that if anticipated can bring lots of green pips, no matter what you trade.

    The price did indeed rise to the 30m 100sma during the Asian hours, in which it discovered strong resistance and has since fallen, exactly as I said it'd.

    It's now found support farther down to the H1 200sma, which I had at 17,540 if the price made contact. It now sits in 17.585.

    What it might do now is repeat the exact same move again, but this time around the H1 time frame, so pulling back off of the H1 200ema/sma back towards the 100sma that as earlier on the 30m tf is curling round over the top, which tends to behave as a magnet to get the price.

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    Here is BTC on a logarithmic scale, which is the appropriate view. Looks just like a bullflag to me. Building up for the drive above $20000?

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    Down nearly $4000 from the high. It did push up off of the H1 200sma towards the 100sma curling over the top, but only a part of the method before decreasing. The support is that the H2 200ema and the price is currently respecting it, so we'll see just how many buyers will pile into it and whether it'll be enough to drive it to new highs.

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    Speedy note.

    You'l have probably noticed one thing about this thread, and that is that although some posters are providing fairly detailed fundamental analysis about the direction they think BTC is going to go, I personally am interested, as my articles show, only in what my charts are showing me, from a technical perspective. I frankly haven't got so this is just an experiment to determine BTC responds to the technical parameters I have on all of my charts. This doesn't mean that fundies are not welcome here, far from it, as I can learn from them, but my own analysis will continue to be technical, and I will post what I see on my charts.

    I wrote above that I did not feel that high might be sustained, so far, I have been right. Now we will find out if this was a fairly modest pullback, which it needed for new buyers to come in, or the beginning of something bigger to the downside.

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