Help: only one line appears instead of four
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Thread: Help: only one line appears instead of four

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    I'm not a coder, but was able to edit somebody else code. If anyone can be so kind and fix it I will apricieate. Here's the story:

    Base was USDx that's weighted average of couple of USD croses, that reveals real USD index.

    My aim was to change it into four lines that reveals separetly averages for USD, EUR, GBP and JPY croses. Listed below are meant formulas for each average:

    1) (UJ 1/EU 1/GU)/3
    two) (EU EG EJ/100)/3
    3) (GU 1/EG GJ/100)/3
    4) (1/(EJ GJ UJ))/300

    I attach what I did [this just show first average] and oryginal [USDx.mq4] file.

    My first intention was to create four different indiors simply by exchanging some pairs with another in a code, but then when I eliminated USD crosses from formula it revealed no line nor pubs [it was pub ind initially]

    Thanks a lot for the help.

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    Great job!
    Thanks very, very much!
    I really don't understand why actually you aded these 0,0000001 items, but it works just perfect.

    In one window it doesn't look great, so I divide it, if anybody else would love to grab this, I attach what I did. [It is rather messy, but functions and that is the thing]

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