Combining 2 MACD indiors
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Thread: Combining 2 MACD indiors

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    I've got two separate MACD indiors, each is excellent because of this. While I try to combine them by dragging one on the contrary, the 0 degree line is different on each.
    Is there anyway to combine them so that this 0 degree will be exactly the same all the time for the two indiors ?

    I love any help with this.

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    The dilemma is that the window has min, maximum values for each indior since they're dynamically set if not coded into the indior.

    You can hardcode the min, max values into the indiors by simply using:

    #property indior_maximum XXX
    #property indior_minimum XXX

    XXX is a number that you have decided works for your indior. In indiors like RSI a lot of time you will see it in 0 and 100. On your indiors you are looking at decimals points I think.

    Another issue you will have is if the worth of XXX you choose are great enough for many scenarios. You want the scale to be good for one to observe that the indior correctly. So at first put the indiors on and record exactly what the min are. Using these as a principle max scroll through history to find out if the values get the job done values.

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    Thanks for your help, it is going to work for a single timeframe not just another. So I can not find this will work.

    Ho Hum, will have to discover a colour MACD Line with 4 colour Histogram built in.

    Unless the first indior could have the coding for the histogram mixed in somehow.

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