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Thread: Email Alert EA - when trade closes

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    I am looking for a simple EA that will send an email anytime that the trade out. If anyone has an EA like that or knows where to get it, please post it.

    I am sure an EA similar to this is out there, but I can't find it for the life span of me. Thanks!

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    If You're already using an EA, then you can use the SendMail function Inside your code

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    I generally do not use EA's to perform trades. I simply needed an EA that will tell me if a trade is closed (regardless of hitting T/P or S/L). The EA should tell me what price it closed at and how much profit or loss has been taken.

    I am sure an EA similar to this must be floating around somewhere, I figured I'd ask on the forums before writing up one myself.

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    SendMail is a purpose... maybe use a script that shuts the order and sends that information.... I think they are functions that came with the Metatrader... I haven't gotten to this yet... I'm learning by asking the various phases that I want help with in developing my EA because I'm new to Forex and the C style syntax

    it seems like it would just involve Two or Three lines

    One to shut the order and store the info and you to send the email with that information

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    For will have nothing to do with closing an order. It merely sends out the email when the order was closed by the platform.

    I usually set a S/L and a T/P on the orders I put so this EA I am looking for will only be used to send out info to an email address of my designation. Nothing more nothing less.

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    Looks, like it's missing a paramater inside this formula

    string TimeToStr( datetime value, int style=TIME_DATE|TIME_MINUTES)Converts worth containing time in seconds that has passed since January 1, 1970, into a string of hh:mi format. Parameters:
    worth - Favorable amount of seconds that have passed since 00:00, January 1, 1970. Mode - Optional data output mode can be one or combination of:
    TIME_DATE will get result as,
    TIME_MINUTES will get result as hh:mi,
    TIME_SECONDS will get result as hh:mi:ss. Sample:
    string var1=TimeToStr(TimeCurrent(),TIME_DATE|TIME_SECOND S);

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