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Thread: What language is this???

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    I have Accucharts and'm having a hard time getting help for habit development of indiors. I am able to code some, but not all.

    I understand there is a relationship between Accucharts and Teletrader, however when I google this, I still do not nice a forum to help.

    So, I decided to post an indior... one of them, to try and see if someone knows what lanugage that really is:

    FUNCTION( Close, Period, OverBS, Method )
    FUNCTION = 0;
    IF Currentbar gt; 1 Subsequently
    IF Method Number 1 THEN
    IF rsi( Close, Period) lt;= OverBS AND rsi( Close, Period)[1] gt;= OverBS[1] THEN
    FUNCTION = 1;
    ELSEIF Method = 2 THEN
    IF rsi( Close, Period) gt;= OverBS AND rsi( Close, Period)[1] lt;= OverBS[1] THEN
    FUNCTION = 1;



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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    thats tradestation code, called easyLanguage.
    I can not tell what language it is but it does not seem like easy language to me. EL that I know of. The ELSEIF and END_IF is making me say that.

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    I am almost certain it is not TradeStation EL code as I am a user since'97 and dont understand the syntax. However, I put it right into a EL document window and even with little changes, it won't verify.

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    AccuCharts belong to FX Solutions... I have not played around with their code yet. I think the package is still fairly new... but I'm unsure.

    Happy Trading...

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    Thats tradestation code, also called easyLanguage.

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    Hmm... you could be right. Even a Custom Function necessitates Inputs Variables but it's apparently using the identical logic as ELA.
    Any possibility you can post a'SreenShot' of this code with the colours showing which are S/W Functions and that are Inputs etc.. .

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