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Thread: trading lot sizes

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    As a newbie, I had been wondering what's the maximum lot size one could exchange, in the subsequent parameters, maximum 1:50 leverage.
    1. Would trading a huge quantity cause a delay in the order positioning?
    2. Can there be a happy medium between small lots and bigger lots?
    3. What size of a lot will it take to move the price 1 pip?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    1. Would trading a massive amount cause a delay in the order placement?
    That depends very much on your own broker.

    If you're using a genuine broker (e.g. Interactive Brokers), who's executing trades on your behalf and isn't financially involved in the results of your trades, and has no incentive that you shed, and isn't trading against youpersonally, it should not ever be a problem for you.

    If you're using a counterparty market-maker for a broker, then it can surely cause delays and possibly other problems, too, sometimes even in surprisingly tiny position-sizes.

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    2. Can there be a happy medium between small lots and larger lots?
    This can be subjective and interpretative. As long as you employ a genuine broker, and don't exchange the news, it won't ever register on your radar as an issue for you whatsoever.

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    3. What magnitude of a lot would it require to move the price pip?
    Absolutely astronomical size, by retail trading criteria. Not a problem for an individual trader, in Foreign Exchange.

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    Be cautious with trading to large lot sizes, if you are wrong you will be out of cash after just a few trials, even
    it is better to use cash management and just trade a small percentage of your account,
    if you don't you will lose your account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    be cautious with trading to large lot sizes, if you're wrong you will be out of cash after just a few trials, it's better to use money management and just trade a small proportion of your account, if you do not you will lose your account.
    If you agree to earn 1$ from 200$ deposit you won't wipe out your account for quite a while.
    However, I think nobody want to spend their precious time for 1-2 bucks daily, right.
    So When I do not have 50K to begin but still wish to earn good with my 300-400 bucks, need should I do?
    Yes, you're thinking right: Increase risk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    When I don't have 50K to start but still wish to make good with my 300-400 dollars, want should I do?
    Not forex-trading.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Yes, you are thinking right: Increase risk.
    An extremely poor egy, in my estimation. In a field of endeavour in which general success-rates are minuscule to start with, starting off undercapitalized and also disproportionately high risk is a fairly much guaranteed method of greatly stacking the deck against yourself further.

    Please excuse my mentioning, with no rudeness or hostility intended at all, that it's dismaying that you have been a member for more than 2 years and made 400 posts, apprently without yet appreciating this.

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    Hey thanks for the information guys, of course im not going to bet the farm, nor do I believe Ill be throwing more than 1-3 percent at a time, was just wondering when im really playing with a larger account, 60k and above.

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    Will 1,000 lots transfer the market? That would be approximately $10,000 a pip.

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    Not for a pip. Look there's an superb thread about the queries from the Trading discussion section of the forum and it's called Is anybody here an institutional trader? Look this up, these questions are answered there...

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    Trading large lot sizes with a little account is a recipe for disaster after youve calmed down after believing your going to be a millionaire in a year attempt to have a reasonable lot size. Im trading .3 lots with $1400 which is likely way to risky so Im thinking about reducing it attempt .1 for each $1000 sound reasonable I have leverage at 25:1 I learnt my lesson by means of blowing up my account that 400:1 leverage is a disaster

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    Im not saying anything about a little account. I'm simply asking if somebody buys 1,000 full lots will it be okay to do so? Will it move the market? etc? Or is that just a normal size possibly for the boys or banks, etc..

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