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    I just discovered about this news, and it appears possess potential to move the market big time, since some people saying they'll hike some saying they won't hike, therefore, it doesn't matter whether they hike or not, we might observe decent movement from jpy pairs now. So I believe it's a good idea to straddle this with about greater than 15 pips away with trailing without a tp... what would you guys saying?
    And about jpy pairs they are currently in the high gbp/jpy is about 237 and usd/jpy is about 121, so in case they don't hike maybe we visit new high now, and if they hike perhaps we return major time.

    Any comment would apprecaited.

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    The time for this announcement Seems Tentative at theforexintuitiveCalendar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Why the time with this announcement appears as Tentative at theforexintuitiveCalendar?
    hey .

    That's undependable because at that point the statement Won't discharge and jpy banks will launch between seven pm until 8pm in NY time, and possibly after that, They'll Be in the conference room and discharge the information in random time,so it is Difficult to trade too, we do not know exact time

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hey .

    That is undependable because at the time the announcement will not discharge and jpy banks will launch between 7 pm until 8pm at NY period, and possibly after that, they'll be at the conference room and discharge the data in random time,therefore it's challenging to trade also, we do not know precise time
    Thanks, mohsen...

    That's awful, though... Random time will mean erratic moves throughout the day... Like this week wasn't hard already...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thanks, mohsen...

    That is bad, though... Random time will imply erratic moves throughout the daytime... As if this week was not challenging already...
    yea, but we may use 20 pips away from price and await their rate statement release, and if discharge our order will trigger and we may earn some trendy pips, who know?

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    I had been wondering about this launch as in the week's start that a rise was 100% sure, today it is a 28% probability of happening.

    I feel that the play is buy usd/jpy if no rise, but the bigger move will probably be if they hike.

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    Anybody know about if this news will came out, here inforexintuitivesay tentative, in fxstreet is around 5 GMT, any insight appreciated

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    Not certain when it'll come out this time, but for the last few months is has come out around 11pm EST.. There is about a 4 hour window that it generally comes out involving, 10pm - 2am EST..

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    Would you have any remark about no increase and increase and motion, do you believe this discharge will move the market big time if no increase or increase, thanks for your observation.

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    Personally, I believe BoJ will not raise interest rate so that I think carry trade will proceed. I don't think unless something unexpected is said by Fukui, there will be a big move.

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