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Thread: What most newbies must go through when trading Forex

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    Ouch, this makes me realize I still have a long way to go. Currently im studying a lot of publiions on analysis, not ebooks, however, I guess im in phase two. Way to go

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    Wow, There are 5 stages to go through before you can actually become a successful trader!
    Guess I have a loooong way to go... Still learning and studying before going to place my money in.

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    I think this post is indeed eduional. And I really do hope I will comeback.

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    Thanks for posting a great article. I'm new to forex, currently employing a demo account and think about myself in stage 3. Looking forward to making it all the way.

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    Fantastic Article. All the 5 phases and I fully agree. Thank you for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Exactly what most newbies have to undergo when trading Forex. Actually, I find these phases are more accurate: 1) Numbness two) Searching and longing 3) Disorganization and despair then 4) suicide or Reorganization and recovery ==gt; as in get a real job
    Hahaha, awesome reply!
    I kinda agree with this measures... This is what 95 percent of those newbies face when they try out Forex, maybe such as me?

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    Really intresting post. In a weird way I believed this steps-stages use to our own lives as humans, from babies to older grandfathers.

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    Interesting and useful article. I remember trying a site that offers a digital training for a Forex newbie. It is correct that it may look easy but definitely it's risks and trading should be very well examined.

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    Comments interesting post and here

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    Nice post of all! Practically, Soultrader took the NLP understanding on learning and applied them to the FX world.

    1. Unconscious Incompetence - basically you don't know that you don't know
    2. Consciuos Incompetence - you know that you don't know and your beginning studying but you still experience many dificulties
    3. Conscious Competence - you have the ability but you lack consistency
    4. Unconscious Competence - auto-pilot such as Mr. Soultrader said

    But there is another point, mastered only by a very few:

    5. Mastery - greater than subconscious competence, everything comes in a continuous flow. This requires alot of time and effort to accomplish, but the results are extraordinary.

    In my instance, I believe I'm currently struggling through stage 2 . Still long ways to go to accomplish the 4th point and alot of studying...

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