current price (now) not the same on different timeframes
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Thread: current price (now) not the same on different timeframes

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    Lets take timeframe M1 and Interval H4.

    TF M1 updates every minute, TF H4 every four hours.

    In 16:00 for example, TF M1 has on EUR/USD 1.0010, on TF H4 1.0050. Both have different prices at the same moment.

    Considering I entered on 1.0000, I want to sell on 16:00.

    But I dont understand the following: About TF M1 I have a profit of 10 pips, on TF H4 I have a profit of 50 pips.

    In theory why not choose H4 for exit? But this ought to be impossible because there should be only one price at 16:00.

    I am aware that the TF H4 is lagging, therefore 1.0010 should function as newer price. But again, how is it newer if it is at the same moment? (I am aware that the price of the TF H4 is around the same as the SMA240 of the TF M1, however the same time still confuses me).

    So to put it simple: If I am using the TF H4 for trend orientation and TF M1 for entering and exiting trades, I can use both prices (they are both valid) at 16:00? So TF M1 1.0010 is actually 1.0010 and TF H4 1.0050 is actually 1.0050 ... at 16:00 sharp?

    Thanks a lot

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    I really don't follow, the way the H4 time period every four hours to upgrades? You ought to realize your candle or bar or whatever you are using moving in real time together with the M1 time period and they ought to be exactly the same, even though the H4 candle hasn't closed.

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    I think so, on real time it's not possible! On real time, there isn't any different on market prices, whatever time frame you are using.

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    Thanks, you're right. I took the Chart History from Oanda and it turned out to be corrupt. Now I'm using the M1 Chart from Ducascopy and made the higher timeframes myself.


    You have to take into account that I'm only using the close price. Imho the other prices are immaterial, because the start of the current tick is the same as the closing of the last tick (I hope I'm right), along with the high and low price should always change till the closing of the current tick confirms their high and very low price. They may be used for orientation, however I think its a fools game.


    You're right.

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    Most likely your background was damaged because such a thing is impossible.

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    Find out who the broker's supplier is and at the future check that everything is Right along with the supplier =)

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    Yeah its the history, in real time its not possible unless (lets not discuss it) but there ought to be a glitch somewhere

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    Hello Dorn! If could be better if you add few pictures depending on your descriptions! Because, generally it's not feasible, I am interested to see by you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Both have different prices at precisely the same moment.
    Are you looking in history ? Your datas could possibly be corrupt, if that's the case.

    This just can't happen in real time. The price is identical on all timeframes and is upgraded at precisely the same time with each incoming tick.

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