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Thread: 1 year profitable trading goal

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    Btw, I did have a brief trade on gold, however I mismanaged my risk also needed to let it go. I would look to short again, but I figure safer to simply await the lengthy chance in line with current tendency...

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    I look for gold to provide a excellent buy around 1270-75ish come August. Then look for a excellent bull run, potential through end of year...

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    So... whatever occurs I search for gold to provide a really good buy opportunity come August. Then search for a really good bull run, potential through end of year...

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    At this time, I think gold is the only thing I will trade mid-long word... For instance, UJ is my own pick... Keeping it simple...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I don't believe any one time frame is the BEST. I really don't think intra-day is better than swing trading. I also believe the most important part of trading is discipline, patience, and money management. Controlling risk is a big factor as well. This may go without saying, but when I hear traders state that they double their risk after a reduction, this a horrible idea, imo, and only a matter of time till they blow off their account... Professional traders do exactly the reverse. Should they've a string of losses, then they reduce their risk until they regain. To one of my commerce...
    I'v been trying timeframe m15,m30,h1, and for the last, I'm using H1 as suitable with my trading style and methode ( sorry for my english

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I'happen to be trying timeframe m15,m30,h1, and for the last, I'm using H1 as appropriate with my trading style and methode ( sorry for the english
    all time frames are great. I typically consider 3-4 time frames before I enter a transaction...

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    Sounds good. Count me.

    To me any individual with a positive return after a year is a winner.

    Good luck to everyone.

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    I'll come in when I've Setup an explorer

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    But is it ok to take out some profit over this 1 year? If yes then ill join also.

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