Keeping focused with demo account (Price action and Wyckoff)
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Thread: Keeping focused with demo account (Price action and Wyckoff)

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    Beginning demo account for a combination of price action and Wyckoff range analysis. Simply to stay focused.

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    Huh...I thought this is visible and private to me just (maybe not a issue, only suprised)

    I've begun it for examining new egies. I have a account beside this one.

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    This one turned out to be greater than expected.

    Obtained in a bit late and was intending to get ~25-30 pips out of a half the gap fill. But when we got there, price action seemed fine so made it to fill it to the top.

    From consolidation to consolidation. At the moment, looking for following longs above 1.2540.

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    For now being I do not care too much about best entry points. Will fine tune them down the street. At the present time the most important thing for me is to find that I anticipate the direction properly.

    Thus far so great.

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    I have very itchy fingers to exchange again but chose to make this sense that a cause for quit.

    Enough for today.

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    4.8% this week.

    Very fulfilled particularly considering the fact that I had some stubborn trades and have not done any losses trimmed nor entries fine tuning.

    We will see how is it next week.

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    Gap fill. Exited manually as price reached the 1.2500 - 1.2530 zone. Have 95, do not want to be greed for 20 more.

    Nice start of the week.

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    Looking last trade post festum, I did leave 40-50 pips on the table. . .but on the other hand, feel great I did since it's my usual problem: hunting last 40 pips more often then not cost me already earned 100. Which is dumb.

    So, proud of myself which I look at it composed today and don't feel any regret.

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    Left 50 pips on the desk. . .took 103 of profit and went outside on the price hesitation to go further on. May wait, but happy I have not. Make me feel good and confident being in a scenario of accepting 100 and depart 50 on the table compared to being 100 in profit and falling back to 40.

    And, 3 days to go in weekly. . .patience...

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    In next period I'll pay more attention to managing SLs by filtering entries thus squeezing risk side of my trades. That should result in two items:

    1) better winning rate
    2) better r:R ratio

    will observe how will it perform...

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