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    Dear all,

    I will be trading another few months using a small part of my funds on a particular ergy described in this forum. The machine was initially introduced with nicotina and is being followed actively by some individuals in this forum.I have utilized it prospectively on demonion trade for few weeks and it has given me more wins than losses.The backtesting on this system has contributed a mixed bag of results.There have sharp critisicm of the system by some traders as it has given mixed results and feel the success if this system is just purely as a result of randomness and becoz of the greater range along with the GBP/YEN is acting this year and this system may fail without warning.

    But it is showing me the results and I tempted to keep on using it as long as it nets me PIPS.

    I am going live on this system on 12/12/2007.

    The main reason behind writing this journal is also to keep an accurate record of my trades since I find it hard to do so without an accountability.Once I start posting them,I believe I will be more accountable since it gives u a feeling that someone is watching you.

    The most important ergy of the machine I am using:

    Method: Find the maximum and minimum between 18:00GTM and 2:00GTM then set a buy stop order with maximum and a sell stop order with minimum.
    TP 100
    SL 50
    When shut in S/L open the cease orders.
    Close the afternoon if shut in S/L for the next time.
    Close the afternoon if shut in TP.
    Don't change the SL and the TP
    Closes orders manually only at the end of the afternoon (18:00 GTM).

    (Acknowldgement to Nicotina for sharing this ergy)

    Any queries on this system are elaborately discussed in the following thread and much better addressed there than here:

    there's an EA readily available to trade this system which has been created by saaebd and he's fine tuned it to add different parameters indied by members and at precisely the exact same time keeping the ergy complete.

    EA with this system:

    (Acknowldgement to Saaebd for sharing this ergy)

    I will attempt to incorporate my wins into a trading calculator to compound the earnings and determine where will be in 3 weeks time.


    (Acknowldgement to Zoheir for sharing this calculator)

    I will attempt to post the trades regular here along with the results.

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    Trade 1 on 12/12 on GBP/JPY:

    Buy GBP/JPY @ 228.25, SL 227.75, TP 229.25

    Target hit - 100 Pips in bank

    Pips at december: 100
    Pips till date : 100

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    Trade 3 on 14/12/2007

    Buy Stop on GBPJPY @ 230.12 , SL 229.62, TP 231.12
    Sell Stop on GBPJPY @ 228.34, SL 228.84, TP 227.34

    As GJ has been oscillating in a really tight range between 228.50-230.1 in the previous 24 hours ,I have terrible feeling about this trade.I have a feeling that my commerce wont be trigerred at all or one of my commerce will trigger but the price will escape back to the stop loss in view of the tight range. So I will continue to keep the commerce open until about 10 EST as I think the CPI announce may produce the brealout I am looking for. If this fails to materlize ,I'll close the commerce and stay out and as a one nice said: No transaction , No loss- that is good enough for me.

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    Trade 2 on 13/12/2007 on GBP/JPY:

    Sell GBP/JPY @ 228.55, SL 229.05, TP 227.55

    Target hit - 100 Pips in bank

    Pips at December: 200
    Pips till date : 200

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