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    Hello my Name is ilernia, I'm a Sydney based dealer.

    I analyse global markets using quite a few Timeframes, identfy trends and await the greatest probable pattern throughout the trading week. . (not interested in day-trading)

    Below is the GBP-USD....

    Expectation currency will reduce lows and head down, with December support evaporating....

    Notice:- this thread is really a continuation of an old thread

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    Friday's pattern of a reversal in the swing lows into the 5-day 50% level is a pattern which often happens within the Weekly period.

    The 5-day 50% level is a trend manual for the Weekly timeframe:- 5 times of trading. This level sets the leadership of this Weekly near...

    A lesser Weekly near will normally attempt to return upwards next week straight back into the exact same level prior to deciding the direction of this trend...

    Present trend is down and probably path to head down to lower levels....

    I will attempt to provide a heads up on another transaction, hopefully I will not get banned. .

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    As my last post, EUR has continued down as part of this 2-day stall change, and together with the breakout of this lows @ 1.4685

    target 1.4625 Weekly 50% level:- large risk to be trading longs under breakout zone on Monday....

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    I have re-started this thread beneath

    GBP-USD higher interval analysis

    in the forex discussion thread....


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