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Thread: 1k to 100k challenge

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    This is my goal, to transform 1k to 100k from one year's space. I am confident in my egy I am aware that that it will let me reach this amount. Follow my journey and see me do the impossible.

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    No trading opportunity now for me. Tomorrow there will be money. Secret of this game is to allow the market come for you, dont force it. Cant wait to open my live account next month. I will trade it just like a demo account. It wouldnt phase me at all, my egy is so effective. Just wait and watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thanks. Leverage is 1:100
    Can you expect any DD?

    How many times do you plan to reload your account?

    I ask because I know you are going to have to utilize severe leverage. Which pairs do you plan to trade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This is my aim, to transform 1k to 100k in the space of one year. I am confident in my egy I know it will let me achieve this amount. Follow my journey and also witness me perform the impossible.

    1. What is your leverage?

    2. DD that is much do you expect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Subbed. 1. What is your leverage? 2. DD that is much would you anticipate?

    Leverage is 1:100

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    The market has opened , opened its doors to my initial 100k for me in 2015. is critical, and so is greed. I shall make it happen. I'll try the 100k, after I have achieved this goal.

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    I will start trading using account, by next month. I am quite confident in my egy, it will make me rich.

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    How long you're in this game bro so I can envision what could I expect from you

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    Is it possible to wager against you? I'd bet a significant amount that you won't make it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    how long you are in this sport bro so that I can envision what can I expect from you
    Ive been doing so for a while and your expectations mean absolutely nothing. Stick and about and Discover out rather

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