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Thread: Real Fx traders do not use stoploss

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    The Expert's I know do Not use stop losses, but they know where to cut their losses that's the difference

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The expert's I know do not use stop losses, but they know where to reduce their losses that is the gap
    That's the difference between newbies and the expert's. But most of traders recommend to use stop loss, especially once you have no opportunity to watch these candles due to a 9-5 job...

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    This post was from 2005 - I wonder whether he started trading with no SL?

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    I have read several pages of the and it is utter nonsense. Is the OP, or some of the other people who are anti stop loss, willing to maintain a losing position for several years? The EURUSD has gone down 3500 pips this year. Can I feel that people who do not use stop losses are holding short positions that might have been entered at the beginning of the year? Not likely.

    Is OP, and the like, saying they will never accept defeat? On any trade? Not likely.

    Mental stop loss, stop loss order, hedge place etc.. . It's all semantics. . .They all lead to a trader being level (no place on). I don't feel that a successful trader never accepts defeat on a trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote That Is the Distinction between newbies and the pro's. However, most of traders recommend to use stop loss, particularly once you have no opportunity to see those candles because of your 9-5 job...
    to tell the truth, I think prevent losses are great from my expertise depending your work and where you are.

    Swings I utilize SL, I dont care if the broker takes me outside on disperse I generally consider it in to account.

    However intraday I really do not but its rocky road... In case you've been at the market you know transfers of 1000 of pips could happen... the EURCHF was a prime example back in January, when I had been in my brokerage company at the time my Client dropped millions, and another client was a millionaire out of 13k. However, you need to have the ability to watch yourself and exchange so.

    I think newbies Require a SL differently they sit in their own trade needing for a forever turn lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have read a few pages of this and it's complete nonsense. Is the OP, or some of those other folks that are anti stop reduction, willing to hold a losing position for several years? The EURUSD has gone straight down 3500 pips this year. Am I to feel that people who don't use stop losses are still holding short positions which might have been entered at the beginning of the year? Not likely. Is OP, and so on, stating that they won't ever accept defeat? On any commerce? Not likely. Emotional stop loss, stop loss order, hedge position etc.. . It's all semantics. . .They all consequence...
    Successful traders take defeat. . I take defeat... so do my friends

    if you heard the expression 'market is always right' don't put your ego on the line since you're likely to deny a reduction. Trading is winning and losing, but effective is just dependent on your P/L in the end of the year.

    So completely agree with you there.

    Emotional SL is ALWAYS there, its component of risk management.

    And what I teach/preach or talk about is risk management is obviously the most important aspect in trading.

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    I'd advise with a stoploss, with no one your reduction is infinite. It is up to the personal taste of the trader handling their account though.

    It is important as a trader to be able to be versatile, and get from positions when they turn against you to the point at which you're no more familiar with. There are more opportunities out there.

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    I stumbled upon an article stating the same idea, and it amazed me. I presumed stoploss is quite a standard, so to say normal tool that is essential for effective trading. Afterward, I realized it's not a hundred percent truth... Weird, but it makes some sense. Simply speaking, stoploss may incur more losses in comparison with the situation when you don't use it. However, I assume this practice is for seasoned traders, not for novices.

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    Really? What if it goes up or down 3000pips
    only small stakes or very big accounts may work around this

    Highly risky for retail traders with small account size

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    I believe its ok to use stop drop, because u cant see the chart all the time. Especially the trader who have time to perform FX trading, because they do FX trading just be a side job.
    Any trader have their own way to do FX trading, just do what u think its good for u, I think.

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