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Thread: The rise of CRYPTO - Bitcoin, LTC, Ether, Dash, Monero

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    Guys, women, people, dear buddies... and ....Crybabies

    It was a monumental day for Bitcoin!!!

    Joyful 17 000 000th bitcoin mined!!

    Meaning that for all eternity, only 4 millions remain. Just!!!!

    Next halving date around : 29 May 2020
    The Bitcoin block mining reward pliers every 210,000 cubes, the reward will fall from 12.5 to 6.25 coins. (I think 25 March 2020.)
    Can you envision what the price will probably be then??
    120000 to 1 million greenbacks is my bet.
    Now I'm going to buy little Dollar strong but in a day all crypto will rise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Can you imagine what the price will be afterward?? 120000 to 1 million greenbacks is my bet. Now I'm going to buy little Dollar powerful but in a day all crypto will grow.
    What do you predict for Bitcoin Gold? ATM it's 6x less costly than it costed at it's summit - amount is same as of bitcoin that is regular - can price get to state 10% of bitcoin price?
    Anyway why do they do so many hard forks on BTC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote What can you call for Bitcoin Gold?
    ATM it is 6x cheaper than it costed at it's peak - amount is same as of normal bitcoin - can price get to say 10% of initial bitcoin price?

    Anyway why have they done so many challenging forks on BTC?
    They are not many.
    Only 5-6. Simple to execute, development, popular name is totally free.

    But should you count coins. . .they are 1000 bitcoin clones - all are bitcoin code based.

    Price - not as high as bitcoin... however in which bitcoin goes 100 percent upward BTG, BCD, BTX can go 200%. Why?? Inexpensive!!!

    They had been 80, 8 and 5 dollars I believe. No difficulty to go few hundred bucks.

    See Monero??
    It's pulling XDN, BCN, Aeon with it. And they are
    Bought me several

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I have everything Anyhow we'll get there. What would you hold Catch22?
    LINK, Cardano and Mobius are the biggest ones. I am really concentrated on Oracles because after LINK's Oracles are working and live on various platforms it's the singularity when Crypto actually becomes useful for companies - Mobius has Oracles too, which explains why I bought into that. ADA is a gen platform which is intended out than everything else.

    Also I have LIF, Wabi, RST in smaller amounts and I will probably add NCT this weekend if I can get it under half ICO, and possibly AIR if I can get it under 1 cent. Otherwise, I will probably buy more of those I have.

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    There's one that utilizes analog to gauge but the name is on my pc at home.

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    Purchased a few BTG today. Skipped Verge - when it was compromised I to avoid. I keep looking at DGB and seems as though it had great gains lately, I am recovering but am pleased with price increase.
    I have so far - little amounts, only around 1k of GBP inside, but I invest just money I can afford to Eliminate
    XRP - still see hope inside, somehow it retains high on rankings
    DGB - weird coin, with great prospects but seems like rivalry is enormous and DGB don't have enough marketing, dropped down with price nearly 90% comparing shirts of price from Dec/Jan and highs of March/April
    ETH - really steady, not much gains compared to others, but also following the January fall downs it hasn't drop that much in price
    LTC - seems like great coin, such as ETH little gains, but Tiny drops in price comparison to others
    BTG - I only see enormous gap in price between it's shirts in Dec and today, so expect the price will come back to it's previous summit
    Kucoin Shares - I honestly Don't Have Any idea why I bought it ;--RRB- Was fairly expensive, now it's pretty cheap, and no actual use I guess outside of KuCoin web page

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    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7)]Withdrawal of this coin is not available for now
    This is message I get on Kucoin once I attempt to withdraw to software wallet. Till it allows me to withdraw, just how long can it take? I's been like that 2 hours [/colour]

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    Is Your wallet for IOS Rather secure? OK to save some BTC coins on there for long term? What is the risk of keeping them besides losing your phone that even then without the backup chphrase not someone can do to steal your coins 33,, on a phone program? Even if is hacked the wallet in my phone program is a separate thing where even doesn't have my chphrase stored inside their website for hacking security? Is this right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote LINK, Cardano and Mobius are the biggest ones. I am very focused on Oracles... include NCT this weekend if I could purchase it under half ICO, and possibly AIR if I could purchase it under 1 cent. Otherwise, I will likely buy more of the ones I have that got hit worse by the wreck.

    I've only Cardano from your listing.
    Adding Decred, XST, GBYTE, SYS.. .maybe PART Zclassic when correction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello, Is your wallet for IOS rather secure? OK to save a few BTC coins on there for long term? What is the actual risk of storing them on a telephone app ... their site for hacking security? Is this correct?
    Good question.
    I wouldn't save much coins on almost any site. Exchanges yes, since I trade...
    Beware that keeps your personal keys. Some lying sites clame YOU HAVE CONTROL BLABLA however they keep them....and can disappear .

    The risk of saving them on telephone is if somebody knows you are wealthy and gets to convince you to give him all
    Lost telephone little risk but contributes to previous!!!!

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