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Thread: My Price Action with FIFO, PVSRA, TDI, Fib and EMA Indiors!

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    EN with good Bear Momentum towards my old Target with scalping small 0.05 Lots x 2 Suggestion each aleardy. So, I put spaced out Sell-Stop transactions all the way down so every is struck just after preceding short closer to keep my DD low above gt; 150 margin so to not be called outside:

    Of note, is Oanda will not automatically activate your Sell-Stop if your Margin% isn't greater than 150% as with what happen to me with Sell-stops not being spaced-out enough so that it will activate only after the prior target closes to keep your DD safe:

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    Remember the key is only trade modest trades with a bigger equity so not having to be called by Oanda to add equity or they will have to close trades to keep them secure within 24 hours. You can wait, or I usually add small amounts to keep my Margin% gt; 200% . I really do have some additional discretionary money for this circumstance, as I try to wait for my targets to strike and keeping entry trades in the 61% and areas to stay within my limitation DD to stay within the greater likelihood of a change swing trade.

    As you can see, up to now, I'm still on course towards my first Target which was too near the WPP with EN 105 Pips:

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    Well, I'd had to manually CL several transactions, so lossing my profits this morning. I feel it was a little greed and going after a misplaced commerce last week too close to the Pivot WPP area:

    However, the8.00 was nothing as it might have been greater after a sudden reversal up at 15 M.

    In retrospect, I might have gotten out at better time employing the M1-M5 with my PVSRA-FIFO set up at those lower time frames (see FIFO together with Cigarguy). I will see next time at precisely the same situation, I will change to the very low time frames when I'm too near the Pivot WPP area. Fore example:

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    Well, I chose to shut out all my last two EN trades that where too near this WPP central Pivot point. Trading near the WPP is never a fantastic idea. And, you wind up there following a major shift in the average weekly WPP, then it is best not to over-trade, commerce little, maintain a massive prestige backup so losses are not too significant e.g. $28 only, to prevent a bigger DD in my account - taking trades at the gt;61-100% Zone is key !

    that I am going to take a rest now !


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    Thu, March 8,2018 11:00 am EST

    GM Friends,
    Well, to get more choices, I decided to return to my Currencies Pairs to enlarge or widened choices again despite my study above.I think will will even go lower following week to have my 61-100% Zone af=profit as the PA has been operating reduced:

    My personal Journal here is to continue gaining my skills. . .so I think this is a good idea at this time. But, watching the four pairs that seem to change less.

    Stay green my Friends.

    - John

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    Here is an example in which I required a trade also cupboard within WPP region last week which was not wise to do since it chew up a number of my own DD:

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    Here is one I missed because I was too deep with high DD.Still waiting to hit could target soon as I took this trde too close to the WPP as capable:

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    Here is a shot I took in my MT4 AP and it came out to near the WPP. With a cellphone MT4 is not smart again as it was too close to WWP. I was lucky to acquire a few pips. However, cellphones MT4 aps are just safe to shut trades going against you. I made a couple of pips by luck only - basically gaming:

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    Friday March 9, 2018 0805 EST

    AC is at the R61-100 Percent Zone looking Because it's Putting up for a southward movement today:

    Best of Luck !

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