Over 7 months observing Currency Market by tih egy I understood we could create EA for this particular egy How? I'll show the system, but need some coder's aid for making EA. . Okay here we go. .
System include 3 part - Entrance rules, Exit rules and Risk managment.
For entry rules I favor using H4 -0.0045 and 0.0045 levels. Example for Buy illness

If price cross down -0.0045 EA cheking for buy stop. With this moment it wait for formation of neighborhood max on H1(or formation of fractal) then EA put the buy stop to over of this fractal bar(disperse 1 pip)


Why buy stop not buy? Since some times, even crossing -0.0045, we buy but price continue its final trend and form convergence(divergence). Cause of the guarantee our commerce I prefer utilizing fractal breakout. .

Sell condition
When price cross up 0.0045 EA cheking for sell stop and on H1 place the sell stop belove the fractal (disperse 1pip).

Risk Managment
I prefer not to use over 10 percent of deposit for marjin.
Max drawdown 300 pips(SL)
Partial Drawdown(Price breath) 150-200 pips
Final reduction 25-30% of funds. .

Exit rules
That can be really problem side of most traders. But my exit guidelines is dependent upon how much more we could profit from one trend. . Within this picture Red lines our All commerce's SL, green lines (buy cease) entry points. Buy adding orders SL's is place by us to a single place so if move our SL, we move Whatever order's SL.
Another directions. .
For fill my self in safety I advise to include here Breakeven... Nearly 20-50 pips.
Why? Since some times price does not go to this way as we aim(as we plan to bring another orders to a single trend)
Even price got last unsuccessful commerce, profits from other people would compensate it. .

Sorry for my bad english...
Joyful trading for all