Hey all

since I say a week at the Only Gold! Thread
I have received many personal messages from traders here that ask me to tech them.
The best way it might occur is by course that I tech you enjoy a pro so that you can realy know me.
It's by studying online when you're able to see my display OR by emails with video and pic. . I not determined yet
The idea is that
Four months for two hours a week each Sunday when we do so on line when you can see my display. Or this two h on which I send you is going to be.
Then follow by me of another four weeks by Email( you send me 4month following finsh transactions you take to email and that I answer and I will direct you to fo succes).
Every week will have fresh material and examination Homework
we'll find out about the subsequent
FIBO 78.6 127.2 161.8
MORE PRO PATTERM (Gartley -trendline from the 3 tocuh and more. .)
SMA plans
Money mangment - 3 choices. Base to you on match.
Additionally learn how to think and how to avoid mistakes and also how to behave like a pro
The price will be only $ 1,000 I expect it reflect the seriousness of the students
I need the students will be very serious and do assignments
I want help choosing software that can connect them all and watch my display
Its will probably be better do it like that but I want it's going to be great software that won't disconnect to us throughout the lesson.
Or I will send the registers weekly email together with the study material (video and pic) and they will need to create hoomework onto it and that I will answer all queries
When we finsh I will open a thread that all can operate and serch toghter excellent trades.
You have a real chance to gain knowledge that can improve you in trading expert like me that will help you 4 month once you learn and follow your transactions
so that you realy will have an opportunity to succeed and comprehend all
I think that people who do this course will be able to begin earning money so long as they stick to the laws that I will instruct them.
*I'd love to hear your tips

DecisionI give here free trading signs so that it is possible to learn
Those who enter with real cash, Its on them responsibility
that I don't have any responsibility for the gain or loss caused for you