Hi everybody. My name is Alfredo. You may telephone me Al..

At the request of many of you, I am starting today exactly what I expect will become a thriving laboratory of ideas that will make us every day, a better dealer than we had been. Firstly, I have to state I have never done something like this and I will trust the assistance and participation of you to ensure it is a success.

The history of a dealer, such as my own, is a tough road filled with failure, grief and loneliness, as well as fulfillment, excitement and succeed. It is a tough road filled with obstacles and temptations to lead you away in the path and ultimately, only a determined few will succeed in conquering the numerous mines and potholes in the way and obtaining the discipline and knowledge required to be successful.

My history is a good example of exactly what most people undergo. Fortunately, since I had a successful company, I was able to draw funds to cover my tuition in the University of Trading. Over the first few years that I suffered very heavy losses. Read lots of books, spoke to everybody that I met that knew something about the field. Over and over again, I stumbled across the very same obstacles. I couldn´t figure out why if I had been successful in different regions of my life, I was having such tough time for this. I quit several times, only to give it one more try and keep on my quest. As I look back on these years today, I truly think they were necessary to invent the subject and determination required to be successful. Yes, there are traders that have never undergone the Valley of Despair, however they are few and far between. For the rest of us how is hard but filled with promise and a daily constant battle to control ones self and remember the lessons learned. After 30 decades, I will say I have learned a bit, but there is more to learn daily. The end line is never reached and that's the wonder and excitement of the profession.

Up-front I ask for your assistance and contribution. Let us be constructive and share our knowledge. If we do, then this may have been worth while.

The System: Extreme TMA.

The current market, like a pendulum, is a never ending sequence of extremes. It eternally attempts to make it to the mean but never succeeds, constantly overshooting it´s markers, reversing and trying it but always failing to reach balance. This system tries to ch those extremes. It is a compendium of my understanding of the current market, brought to it´s easiest expression.

The fundamentals are not complied. The first indior, the TMA shows us that the average of the path which the price action on the marketplace is following. Therefore, it is a backward looking indior and tries to determine the future in the current history. It corrects itself by repainting itself. It has two outer bands which reveal us the outer boundaries of cost movement that we're searching for. Our second indior, the TMA Slope indior will reveal the comparative change in the slope of TMA compared to preceding candles. It determines in which direction a trade must be put and shows divergences to cost. For example, if cost is rising but the incline indior is dropping, it is announcing a high likelihood of a drop in price in the near future. The steeper the drop in the indior the greater the likelihood of a drop in cost. The same theory applies in reverse in the case of a dropping price and a rising slope indior. A third usage of the incline indior is for divergence detection. If you see 2 or 3 green mounds, each smaller than the one before it, there is a strong probability that cost is going to drop. 2 or 3 Red mounds, each smaller than the one prior to it, indies a high likelihood of a price increase. On the ideal side of the Slope indior you will see the value (gray) of the present chart time period. Above it that the slope value of the D1 time period and beneath the trade status (Ranging, Purchase Only or Sell Only) of the present chart TF. The next indior is TMA Slope MTF which gives us the slopes of all three time frames. The last indior gives us the D1 incline values of all currency pairs. A fantastic instrument to determine which pairs are possible trades.

MTF TMA: Contained in the templates are 3 TMA indiors. The H4 TMA (dotted magenta lines), the D1 TMA (dashed blue lines) and the W1 TMA (dashed green lines). All 3 will soon be visible on a M15, H1 or H4 chart. The H4 time frame are for trades of 1 to 5 times and potential gain of 170 to 250 pips. The D1 time frame are for trades of 5 to 30 times and potential gain of 200 to 400 pips. If you place the chart to D1, you may only understand the D1 and W1 TMAs. If you place the chart to W1, you may only understand the W1 TMA. If you are a short term trader, a good alternative option is to add the H1 TMA and use another 3 ( H4, D1, W1) for trend direction. Possessing several TMAs on one chart is very beneficial for discovering longer time period trends and combined, they have high predictive value of future market moves.

Stop Decline Utilization: There are numerous options in this section and that I won´t recommend any particular one. A natural level to place your SL will be above a previous high for a short and below a prior low for quite a long. I myself use only an emergency SL very far away in the PA (100 Pips). If a trade goes against me, I will utilize Recovery Trades to exit the trade at breakeven. I have included detailed instructions describing the Recovery system in the Records folder in the Packet.zip file. The intense TMA system works better when you leave cost plenty of room to maneuver.

Entry Rules:

1- We will first determine trend in the 3 TMAs Using the TMA Slope indior values.

Ranging TMA (-0.40 to 0.40): Trades can be put in the two directions.
Purchase Only TMA (Above 0.40): Place ONLY Long trades.
Sell Just TMA (Beneath -0.40): Place ONLY Short traders.
Super Range: Above 0.80: Hold longs till incline worth drops under 0.80, at which point you should close all longs.
Beneath -0.80: Hold shorts till incline value climbs above -0.80, at which point you should close all shorts.

H4, D1, W1 incline values must be either Ranging or greater for Longs or Ranging or reduced for shorts.

2- Once trade direction is decided, we will examine the D1 and W1 TMA and determine there is enough room for the trade to move in your path before reaching the outer band of both. Case in point: If you choose to go short, there must be enough room between the current cost and the decrease D1 band (At least 150 pips) and also the decrease W1 band (At least 250 pips).

3- We can wait for price to climb above the top band of the H4 and D1 TMAs at the same time, before putting a Short trade or below the bottom band of the H4 and D1 TMAs at Precisely the Same time, before putting a Long trade.

4- The Trigger: Once Rule 3 is complied with, the trade will be entered once cost turns around and rolls the H4 Upper TMA band for Shorts or the H4 Lower TMA band for Longs. Refer to Rule 1 again before entering trade to ensure the three TMA incline values are still Ranging or in the path of your trade. If they are not, wait till they return to the correct slope values for your trade and input afterward.

Even though not explicitly mentioned in the rules, it is almost always a good idea to market from beneath analyzed immunity and purchase from above tested service. This is almost always a good guideline to follow. It'll prevent becoming a trade too early and will improve your percentage of winners. Valid resistance and support areas include: 50 or 200 MAs, TMA centerlines, daily, weekly and yearly pivot lines, etc..

Exit Rules for each type of trade:

Short Term Trade (If employed): Close the trade when price reaches the other H1 TMA band. Reenter trade when price retraces to the centerline of the H1 TMA. Make certain all incline values are still either ranging or in the path of your trade prior to reentering. You can do this a few times during a powerful trending move.

Moderate Term Trade (Standard trade): Close the trade when price reaches the opposite H4 TMA band. Reenter trade when price retraces to the centerline of the H4 TMA. Make certain all incline values are still either ranging or in the path of your trade prior to reentering. You can do this a few times during a powerful trending move.

Position Trade: Close the trade when price reaches the opposite D1 TMA band. Reenter trade when price retraces to the centerline of the D1 TMA. Make certain all incline values are still either ranging or in the path of your trade prior to reentering. You can do this a few times during a powerful trending move.

(7-18-2013) Important Update !! Throughout the many months of growth of the Extreme TMA system a great deal of evolution took place. Indiors we began with were substituted with other people we developed particularly for the system. The rules changed also several occasions. When you begin reading the thread, there will be articles that refer to things which are no longer related. Just skip these and read. There's a lot of information which can assist you in your everyday trading. It certainly helped me a great deal to listen to exactly what these many intelligent members brought to the table. As you advance throughout the many pages, it will all make sense and you'll be witness to the creating of a platform, that now remains a very important part of my trading methodology.

Attachments: I am enclosing a Template and Indiors compacted as a Packet.zip file. Extract it and as usual, place the indiors (.mq4 and .ex4 documents) in the Experts/Indiors folder of your MT4 installation. Place the Template (.tpl file) in the folder (not in the Experts/Templates folder). The Extreme TMA - New Version template is intended to follow 1 currency pair. Additionally included is the brand new Dashboard (! ExtremeTMA v37) that informs us of what pairs are complying with the rules in real time.

That´s it ! The machine is simple in concept and easy to trade. I recommend that you handle it with caution. Utilize lots or demo accounts confidence is acquired by you in it and until it reveals itself to be consistently profitable. If you believe in it, A trading system will only work consistently. As we proceed, I´m sure we'll enhance it and make it more dependable.

Good luck and welcome to our New Experience !

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