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    Is that possible? Yes.

    Years ago when I retired I was trying to find something to do. I attended a neighborhood demonion . My mind said We could do this and earn money too... from the recliner... therefore the torture started as occurs to all novices...

    that I purchased one sure fire app for $2,300... saving $1,700 off the normal $4,000 price. Man... I'm on my way I thought. It was so difficult to understand and trade that I never made a dime... actually I dropped all the time. When I called the companyit was Greek to me... I thought a lot of good that 19 years of eduion is doing.

    I stated this is BS and went to other systems. I changed to Indices for several years while studying old charts. What made them tick? Every method had a few principles, indiors. . .on on.

    I eventually got fed up with all... recalling the ideas years prior to I can achieve this. Then why was I getting my butt kicked on a regular basis... so fruing.

    I wanted a system that was simple, worked on most of timeframes, simple principles, few indiors.... That when looking at my simple graph it just shouted out exactly what I had to do and developed a system that is 70-80% wins for me on a regular basis. It took to develop this method. I labored hard... late nights and weekends to. I had been hungry for success.

    I despise trading 5min-15min-30min charts. Why? You have to monitor each trade from beginning to end and hope and pray you made a correct entry. I just exchange 1hr charts during the the 1st 3 hours of the USA OPEN and 4hr trades at nighttime. I check for set ups at 10pm Pacific,2am and close all 4 hour trades by 6am Pacific.... You ever woke in the afternoon popping on your puter and find you created 150 pips while you slept... guaranteed to put a grin on your face and a skip in your step.

    I post a lot of training charts to drive it into your brains exactly what to look for and how simple it can be... Simply open your eyes, brain and listen and you're going to be making pips shortly...

    You'll learn down the street that the majority of the things you've learned previously is crap. I did. The list of principles in most methods will help keep most dizzy... never creating confidence... without confidence on your entries and exits you've got nothing worth while.

    We've got a group of excellent traders who have been investing in this method for 6-8 months who'll assist you jump in to answer your questions also.

    I am rather protectful of our associates. We do not have a stressful thread... no name calling allowed. I'll delete. If you've got a problem PM me and do not post it. If your not happy... please move on quietly. I'd do the same. You would like Stress Free learning... come join us...

    Really can not know something... PM me your phone number and best time to call and I'll clear this up for you appearing in an FXDD Demo graph so we're looking at precisely the same graph.

    You will need a MT4 platform to use our progam.

    The key to this procedure is the Traders Dynamic Index index for entries and exits. In addition, I use a Stochastics (8,3,3) index. It is. Nothing else.

    We just use Heiken i candles... that is important.

    We would like you to be an active member asking questions, submitting charts and making observations when potential.

    Start trading a Demo account until you build your confidence and just then look at changing to a live account...

    Disregard template posted below and see upgrades... Read the whole thread BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS... YOU WON'T BE SORRY

    See article #25 on page two for indiors...

    Latest update: PAGE 11, Post Number 156... thanks Cliff
    Another upgrade by - 4/29 - Pg 48, article 713
    UPDATE: See article #25
    See article 14 15 for TDI HA (APB) candles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello btp! Could you attach this indior?
    Here you go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello Cableguy, Awesome! I have been following all of your posts. It is wonderful! You nailed it to the point. It has been a problem for me to count those tiny waves. I got bleak. I found very hard to count them. Ken
    Yep, which entails EW and not something I am able to explain easily, but it's a recurring matter and more importantly, it's fractal too (happens on all timescales).

    Have a look at Cable in the high of yesterday. First the bigger scale perspective;

    and then earlier now on a faster tick scale (smaller perspective);

    They usually designate trend continuance, and that means you have tiny risk for a huge gain, although sometimes you'll find it's only a reaction there and not the real thing. In this scenario, you should manage to receive your stoploss to BE in any case...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Detector (ex paradox TRADER lol) why are you posting here are you helping anyone?
    I'm using the TDI,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote The amount I would be most interested in, is the cap of the pinbar at the onset of the transfer... picture

    As I said, 'top of the pinbar';

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    USDJPY Feb 06 H4 exchange closed 35pips depart by TSL. Bounce from BRN 108.50 and previous 'service' . picture
    Hello, Emm!

    Kind of a negative R :R, is not it? Assuming the SL was above the entry candle, or above the swing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote yes, comparing the RSI of the two periods 2 and 7 used , the green reddish separation is large. That can be observed when we examine the price bars close price above. RBZ Kiwi rate is on Thursday Feb 8 but now it can have impact when RBA announces its AUD rate. Kiwi made its move a week ahead of the week rate statement and broke the Weekly 'support'. picture
    Kiwi transfer lower with better data.

    Watching carefully if it is going to hit 1.063 this week. Tomorrow is RBNZ rate decision and there is likely no change that this time.

    looking at the Stochastics traders may be unwilling to sell today when Stoch is at oversold level. However, if the tendency is 'strong' price can move lower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    At the moment can market or possibly wait for a clear break to move higher in coming days. image
    Perfect analyzing again. Buy or sell. As long as the newbies get some hindsight charts to promote your crapware you are the guru. Keep the comedy up.

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    NZDUSD Week 06 Feb 15

    For those traders that love to select top to sell, perhaps this one is right for you.

    Where do you put your stop loss (to cut loss)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote considering the Weekly, it is interesting the way the market move into grey areas of WRBs , some traders think in 'stop searching' so they trade without stop loss, while others other traders think it is the way the market works in understanding where to fulfill orders. image
    Would you agree by searching liquidity they also wind up searching stops.

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