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Thread: Trading Made Simple

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    quote I Began so I'll Complete. Closed -5 overall. I could not justify those few pips to 61.8 (X) as it stalled at the grey warning lineup, 'shoulda' taken the change in failure 23.6. The death knell for extended was price not showing support with a bounce at 23.6 where marked (imho of course). image Just to keep from the spirit of this thread, here is commerce with TDi. Interesting huh? image Onwards
    Onejester, you might employ a multiple moving average like the ones in my posts and see whether this may have assisted. MMAs are only a tool to help show the trend. They are not perfect but they appear to help filter bad trades while still offering plenty of great trades. It seems you're moving long against the short trend. This image shows a few great shorts with great TDI momentum.

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    Recall the UJ daily chart from the other day; image How to get in about the trade? Wait for a pullback! 30min and the exact same narrative, retest prior pinbar at start of earlier move; image On a smaller scale it will most likely be a subwave 'I' in Elliott Wave terms. Corrective moves are going to be in sets of 3's (abc) and frequently possess fib correlations between these. Here we can see that not only was the pullback to test subwave 'I' to the left of the chart, but also that tide 'C' was just 123.6% of tide 'A'; image I was out and missed this reaction,...
    I think you only require the 123 pattern with pullback as a trading system. It is qualify as TMS sytem. I think it's easy to spot because the 123 pattern have to be verified from the price passes through 2 before you draw the SR line for the pullback.

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    I use the following settings to for my multiple moving averages - fairly common. picture
    Hello btp!
    Can you attach this indior?

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    Hello~ I am junior member, and very interesting in method of BigE. There are various samples that provide us to learn it. However, the question has perplexed to me. One is how to utilize this technique in the ideal time zone? BigE showed the trading chart . And perfered his period in 10pm/2am/6am (Pacific). Should I trace Pacific period (10pm/2am/6am) to conduct this method from the Fxdd system? I will run any moment? Thank you
    I asked myself this questions many years back.

    What would happen for this technique when FXDD closes shop one day?

    Will this method stop working.
    Did Big E say anything that we can't exchange with other brokers? NO.

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    Detector (ex paradox TRADER lol) why are you posting here are you helping anyone?

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    Well they Utilize 1 hr and 4hr charts but I think they are all tdi out

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    They utilize 1 hr and 4hr charts but I think that they are all tdi out
    Oh, I see, thought realtime trades may help someone.

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    Don't feel bad most of them don't Need me either lol

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    Big arm round my friend, thought I was getting my hands slapped, Dove, god bless him, gave some great advice but since I could not load the charts up as per his settings, needed to alter brokers and that was not going to occur,I could not take part in the ribbon, shame as I'd have liked to pursue his teachings from this system, sure you can read all of it on the ribbon, I seemed a villain.

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