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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi, Can anyone share TDI real-life? Kind Regards, Jimm
    Here is Real Time TDI

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
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    Has anybody read the updates after Post#1?

    Which are the updates since that post over?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Has anybody read the updates after Post#1? Which are the updates since that post above?
    87 167 - BigE's update's = -86 000 update's, mostly crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Only use BigE's post's. image
    ONLY follow Large E posts... LOL begin with Post#1

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ... We just use Heiken i candles... that's vital . ...

    UPDATE: See post #25 See post 14 15 for TDI HA (APB) candles. file

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Dean Malone @ trades a similar way but it's very conserative... to slow for me and I needed to pass a lot of pips with his rules and he deals 15 min charts that I don't enjoy... If you would like the Original TDI Indior and HA candle indior (Average Price Bars) visit the website above. They are free downloads. You are able to remove what you want... Dean devised the TDI... and I removed all of the extra lines to make it simple to look at and trade... same thing with his Synergy charts... I kept removing...
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote This is Real Time TDIfile
    In case you'd followed this Article on April 26, 2011 and downloaded the TDI from this site, then you've the TDI RT realtime variant.

    The training chart revealed in Post#2 reveals the TDI after that chart was refreshed and it would be the same as this new TDI RT variant non-repainting version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Week 19 May 07 to 11 It's Monday after last Friday's NFP, as usual expect slow market this morning. Simple Rule - Understand your Trading Money. No transaction plan, don't trade. AUDUSD May 07 Sydney Open 3Hour High Low picture recall this Week's Open 0.7541 line and 0.7535 Trade Well and create pips.

    AUDUSD May 07 update. . Slow Monday but that re-test of Day Open also Week Open was good price action to pick.

    I use the OHLC since these are natural service and resistance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote ONLY follow Big E articles... LOL start with Post#1 quote
    Only reason
    #49.... When utilizing Japanese candles you see up down up down and you are stressed to the max through your trade... It is more calming to trade HA candles

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    Week 19 D1 chart trading:

    More selling for these pairs EURUSD, EURJPY, EURAUD, EURCAD and EURNZD ,...

    till we see a D1 chart HA candle close with change in colour (which is our Exit state) ... we utilize the HA candles that is vital .

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    Concerning the Heiken i Candles ,

    better to have a fantastic understanding what the HA candles are and how to use them effectively when you trade. Note, the APB candles utilize in TMS are slightly different from the original Heiken i. The difference is in the APB Close price and this was clarified in my previous posst within this thread.

    Heiken i Candles pdf

    Heiken i Explanation pdf

    click to download.

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