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Thread: Trading Made Simple

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    GBPAUD Week 07 currently in range trading.
    Resistance seen on MN and W1.
    D1 structure change in progress.
    In the present time can market or perhaps await a clear break to move higher in coming days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote USDJPY cleared lower 106.89 area quite easily this morning and we will see when it'll hit the lower area involving 106.66 and 105.22 area. picture
    USDJPY Week 07 Feb 15 upgrade:

    Nice move yesterday but that 'bounce' off BRN 107.00 in lower timeframe got some traders thinking that it had been buying.

    Now we watch carefully that D1 candle that closes across the level 106.28, generally were 'large candles'. May happen if not then the following days.

    The target 105.00 still in sight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    USDCAD Week 07 Feb 14 H4 This is an example taking a look at the price with the PAC. Small candles 'trapped at the PAC.' Don't waste time and money trading before we see potential breakout. Each of the TDI crosses when market is range sideways and when the price is trapped in the PAC should be prevented. image Looking at the big picture, I wait patiently with this week's candle to shut to verify if past week's candle is setting the range for sideways market condition. image
    USDCAD Week 07 Feb 14 H4 commerce:

    Bearish Engulfing Bar BEEB breaking the non of the Price Action Channel.

    D1 chart looks nice,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    NZDUSD Week 06 Feb 15 For all those traders who love to select best to sell, maybe this one is for you. Where do you place your stop loss (to reduce loss)? image
    I've this tool in buy focus.
    . . .this hard levels in mind.

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    EURUSD - M30TF - Brief - retracement 1.24050 - Risk ON - intraday

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    I am quitting to this week as goals exceeded. Employing MEME using a my own rules. I had a couple of issues but overall a good result and chose the leadership through the week. Very happy for a newbie.

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    Hi All,
    merely wanted to inform you that I just uploaded my latest version of my TMS Expert Advisor.

    Feel free to try it out on a demo account. The truth is it is tested by the more people that the quicker versions can be developed by me.

    It's still in a growth phase. Therefore it runs on a demo account.
    You can install it on multiple currency pairs, but it is only going to trade 1 pair at the same time.

    In case you've got additional questions, please ask from the separate EA thread. I really don't want to clutter this thread off subject discussions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I have this tool in buy focus. . . .this hard levels in mind.
    Looking at the Weekly, it is interesting how the market move into gray areas of WRBs ,

    some traders think in 'stop searching' so they trade without prevent loss,

    while others traders think it is how the market operates in understanding where to fill orders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am stopping to this week as targets exceeded. Using MEME with a my own rules. I had a couple of problems but a fantastic result and decided that the leadership through the week. Very pleased for a newbie. picture
    What target in this year? (Report From 2015.01.01 until 2018.12.31.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'm stopping for this week as targets exceeded. Employing MEME using a my own rules. I chose that the direction and had a few issues but a good outcome. Very happy for a newbie. image
    Great job, well done!
    Keep work and you'll get there. It took me years.

    Many gave up too early. So that they jump from thread to thread looking for fast money they search for instantaneous results and cash. They think quc cash comes kind trading and trade 5 minutes charts without mastering the basic fundamentals of trading.

    Like I said repeatedly, if you are committed to spend 3 to 5 hours daily for the next 2 to 3 years, you'll probably make it to eventually become a trader and you'll have a future when you retire rich without having to work for different individuals again. You must attain financial independence and you can focus to financial freedom.

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