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Thread: Trading Made Simple

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    Hi emmanuel
    Could be Sort to Describe 'arjun candle'

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote did you see increased TF to spend the trade confirmation or just stick in 1 TF ? I know somebody using guppy tdi and that he doing well with that. Sorry my english poor.
    I really do check the daily just to get a sense of the big picture, but the MMA seems to filter entries just fine provided that you have the TDI momentum.

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    1 Attachment(s) I use the following settings to for my multiple moving averages - fairly common.

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    Here's another entry to the USD/CAD. Notice the very first short fracture of the PAC (RED LINE) failed resulting in a big drawdown - BUT look at the TDI, there was no momentum. These fast reversals around the TDI are riskier and so wait until there is great momentum. The next break (YELLOW LINE) followed a pull back into the PAC, then price broke down again supported by powerful TDI momentum and TDI bounce. Be aware that long entries contrary to the numerous moving averages would've neglected this week and last week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Nevertheless in that has been some pullback. Hope you do not mind me asking but could you please 'will' it harder, was not enough last time still in today of to bed. Cease moved up... Lets see that TP (now 61.8) hit! picture
    I began so I'll finish. Closed -5 overall. I couldn't justify those couple of pips to 61.8 (X) when it stalled at the grey warning lineup, 'shoulda' shot the change in failure 23.6. The death knell for long was price not demoning support with a bounce at 23.6 where marked (imho of course).

    Simply to keep in the spirit of the thread, here is commerce with TDi. Interesting huh?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Wow didnt realize anyone was listening glad I could help. Additionally, I started out exactly like you all did trying to loe the proper indior/indiors and when I came to the conclusion that there all the same non predictive I stopped using them
    nono, undoubtedly, excellent postings.

    That I´m simply not enthusiastic with 1-2-3´s.
    Never needed in my trading. .
    Quality is always welcome.

    --my two pennies--
    Stay tuned

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I'll second that! Forex is scam, futures market is the real thing. Today got 128 ticks . . .try this with a Currency Market broker ;--RRB- @Divergence: I like your Sierra charts, so mine looks really similar. I use 512 and also 233 tick chart for nq (in slow periods). image
    Good morning
    I use 512 and also 233 tick chart for nq

    Sorry for my ignorance. The tick concept on these regulated markets is the equal of the pips in the OTC market?
    thank you

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    Every tick or pip is .25 so in regards from 5987.25 to 5087.50 that is 1 tick

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Good morning I use 512 along with 233 tick chart for nq Sorry for my ignorance. The tick concept on those regulated markets would be the equal of the pips on the OTC market? Thank you
    Seeing 'tick' charts where every candle represents the number of contracts as opposed to some unit of time, gives a clearer image.

    Here is an instance of overnight Dax action about the 1minute chart;

    Whereas the tick chart only prints candles in line with the volume and hence cuts out these empty intervals;

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    Recall the UJ daily chart from the other Afternoon;

    How to get in about the trade? Wait for a pullback!

    30min and also the same narrative, retest prior pinbar at start of earlier move;

    On a smaller scale it will most likely be a subwave 'I' in Elliott Wave terms. Corrective moves will be in sets of 3's (abc) and often have fib correlations between these. Here we can see that not only was the pullback to examine subwave 'I' to the left of this chart, but in addition that wave 'C' was exactly 123.6 percent of wave 'A';

    I've been outside and missed this response, therefore it is only a highlight, yet, with my thoughts of lower to come, I chose the subsequent pullback, (which is basically the same story, only on a smaller scale). Cease was attracted to BE in seconds;

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