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Thread: Trading Made Simple

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    To ascertain that a 5th wave ending, the most frequent method is to choose the fibs of waves 0-3 and extend them from tide 4 ending. Look for the 61.8% expansion. It's also possible to zoom in on the wave structures in the 5th wave and using construction or fibs pinpoint the 'v' th of the 5th's conclusion. If wave 3 has been extended, start looking for wave 5 to equal wave 1. It's obvious to me that folks doubt that reversal points could be plotted or charted to virtually the very pip. Folks do not want to listen, although I've tried to show differently. Before I go, allow me...
    You have no idea how much I would really like to comprehend what it is you're explaining, but either I am really dumb or there is need to get a bit more handholding. Is there a source to look into to appreciate and practice your EW egy to charts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I gave up my blog years ago Ken. As Div says, we now only post in 'Plan the Trade'
    Beautiful, thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote You don't have any idea how much I would love to understand what it is you're describing, but either I am really dumb or there is need to get a bit more handholding. Is there a source to look to love and practice your own EW approach to charts?
    Your not alone darko I only get the waves threw 5 then its guess to form a 123(or abc) correction but nothing is perfect that is why I said search for a 123 at conclusion of trends

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    won't much TMS talk and even less from me.

    Question - Can I Be Mad

    I believe that a chart is like a trampoline which has heavy balls placed at areas of mass orders. ( orders and shut trades ).
    Each ball matches in relation to that amount of orders.
    Then price action becomes a marble. It'll roll towards the dip onto the trampoline chart and consumers these orders.
    With fat released, the trampoline climbs within this region so now the marble now has to search for and roll towards the following most important dip on the chart.
    And so Forth and so on.

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    [quote=RickM;10722350]Will not much talk here and even less from me.


    My compliments on your phrasing Price without plan will
    constantly fall back to supply.

    Permission to plagiarize please.

    Best to you

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    Feeling lucky to discover this thread gone through 20 pages in 1 sitting. The egy is simple and promising that started trading on demonion and made $900 in only 3 days. What a present from late BIG E (Rest in peace). Really unhappy to know that I didn't get a chance to speak to him. Nevertheless his learn maximum, will read all his posts on this thread and heritage his here. This was goal of BIG E to help new traders.

    Just checked recent 2-3 pages plus it sounds, thread is moving someplace. My request to all members, can we keep it simple and post related to real original process of Big E? I want, some senior member (one of those buddies of BIG E) would continue the heritage of BIG E and keep answering new comers and clarify with love as BIG E did.

    Though Big E well explained his way of trade, gave many instances, shared several charts, yet there would be lot of new developments, filters, indiors from different members and a number of them are useful also. 2869 webpages, 86,000 articles impossible to dig and find gems. I wish someone had made a summary/index of this tread that can helpful to new traders.

    In this method of trade, everything is easy; entrance, exit. Hard issue is to loe the setups. To be there in pair at time to ch the setup. Tried TDI alarms method but nothing work. Limiting the pairs is quite essential to keep attention. Can we discuss here about 4H and daily admissions to assist each other that if we're on the exact same page? Brain storming generates new ideas.

    Sorry for the long boring post, I'm too much eager to start actual trading using this Big E's egy.

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    86000 articles is a proof, how successful this system is. We are keen to see success stories of members who altered their own lives utilizing this system.

    If anybody has developed an alert system for setup (TDI Cross), or some other dashboard that shows TDI crosses or some other online site which shows data of coming/expecting TDI crosses/bounces, would love if you discuss here. I believe this was discussed earlier, sorry to ask again, about finding the setups, what you men concluded? Of-course best way is to keep looking at charts for hours and wait for the setup but for members, who have full time job, it'll not be easy for them.

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    @ Divergence

    I Attempted to Exchange 123 on dax.
    Total I'm in loss because too much reduction. Only 2 big winners.
    I see patterns 123 from anyplace lol

    I have to do wrong!

    To understand the best to start a trade: Wait break stage 2 pullback?

    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello @ I attempted to trade 123 on dax. Overall I am because loss that is much. Only 2 large winners. I see patterns 123 from anyplace lol I must do wrong! To understand, the best? image thank you
    When price takes out point 2 you take pullback at point 3 candle not point 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote You don't have any idea how much I would love to comprehend what you are explaining, but I am really dumb or there is need to get a bit more handholding. Is there a source to check into to at least appreciate and practice your EW approach to charts?
    If you think Big E when he said each swing goes 3 to 8 candles, then you'll also think each wave transfer 3 to 8 candles.
    A few swings/waves will have fewer candles and some swings/waves will have more than 12 to 15 candle, those usually some call the impulse wave.

    How to count the swing or the tide?

    Look up the work of Robert Prechter.

    Or you'll be able to go back to May 2013, the article#18,844 and start read the pdf by Jeffrey Kennedy.

    Ultimate Technical Analysis Handbook:

    Greatest of Traders Classroom:

    have pleasure, its only Feb 01 ... a new month and 11 months to go until year end.

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