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Thread: Trading Made Simple

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    Here's how it all works when added together;

    C 123.6 Percent of A

    123, trigger, pullback to start Snare, Little risk, high probablity... Stoploss into BE

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Not used it earlier but I feel a member is given a url something like to display their page and they're able to control who has access to it by their fx blue id.
    Hello nigpig,
    Was this to do with the $500 account so we can learn somewhat more about trading ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello everyone, does anybody have this indior that shows how powerful the TDI cross is ? image
    go to article 4290 - TDI RED GREEN - I presume

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi Steven, '' No, the MA functions me practically no purpose whatsoever nowadays. It should be removed by me. Now I prefer candle chasing/discretion instead, although I used to use it like a chase. ------------------------------------------ 'Hi Cableguy, Thanks for sharing the EW details! Much appreciated! Ken' No worries Ken! ------------------------------------------ Guys, I can not possibly convey many years worth of expertise and EW clinic. While I see a chart, my eyes and head automatically see matters in places (or waves). It merely became tuned in...
    Hi Cableguy,
    Can you please discussing the link of your site?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello Cableguy, Would you please discussing the link of your blog? Ken
    in diary section plan the trade

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello Cableguy, Would you please sharing the connection of your blog? Ken
    I gave up my blog years back Ken. As Div States, we only post in 'Plan the Trade'

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    I have been trading with no indiors appearing at EW and supply and demand. I was surprised that I could see PA happening as I was watching as described by Cableguy and Divergence. Thanks to you guys.

    Very reassuring for mepersonally, to break from lagging indiors and EAs. The Elliot wave analysis is interesting as it describes or decides how the indiors reveal I have tried. I have had a light bulb moment with this. I'm now seeing EW 1-2 anywhere together with the longer 3. W4 can be interesting and the final 5. What I do not know much about are these waves. So much to learn but that is helpful. I thought supply and demand was another description of support and resistance. They have a new meaning.

    I think Emmanuel put up a URL to EW a couple weeks ago. I can not remember how I found this substance. This is quite useful for anybody who's interested.
    The Elliot Wave Principle tapes 1-10. These are an hour comprehensive and each. Lots of stuff to consider and learn from.

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    Nigpig if you came Understand the 123 your on your way to Detecting trend changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Now, I have been trading without any indiors appearing at EW and supply and demand. I was amazed that I could see PA happening as I had been watching as clarified by Cableguy and Divergence. Thanks to you guys.
    Do not get too carried away with labeling everything in 5waves, that's what most people do... just look for Fib correlations, involving sets. You will be totally amazed how they work (and people think PA is somehow arbitrary!) ;

    This corrective movement in a WXY movement was just 100 percent of one another. Coincidence? I think not...

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    Maybe I am the sole overcompliing everything, but, when trading using PAC, how does one transaction when H4 and Daily PAC signs are in debate?
    GU and EU are in this configuration currently

    Thank you for the feedback

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