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Thread: programmer needed for an interesting idea

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    Hi everyone

    I Exchange the charts by the Assistance of All RSI indiors.

    About a 4 hour chart I use 14 and when RSI comes involving 20-30 amounts I look for a swing opportunity.

    Also on the daily as it pertains to 30 or 70 and I find that it works quite well for determining swing amounts.

    I would like to automate the trading but still trade manually. I mean I wish to press the button myself once I see that the indiors aligned.

    This is what I need. Attached is an indior called power swing.

    I need this indior to work from the indior window using an alarm and no repainting. The indior doesnt repaint any manner. But I wish to use it in the RSI indior window or Stochastic just like it is used on the price chart using a very clear and loud Alarm.

    Any one who can do that?


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    2 Attachment(s) You can see exactly what I mean in the pictures.

    After the RSI bars on 4 hour chart reach 20-30 regions and a swing is expected I want the Power Saver indior to work based on the RSI indior and NOT the price indior! Why you may ask? Just because RSI is moving than the price! In the event the power swing may work based on the RSI indior which as you can see is blue and crimson bars set at 14 and the orange RSI place at 7 then the Power Saver may give the arrow sign using a LOUD ALARM before what it would usually give on the price chart! Meaning prevent loss amounts that are smaller and a much earlier entry. Think about this on daily RSI and Weekly RSI charts. In the event that you had an arrow on the time frame then you'd use the four hour to exchange in that direction just with great swing entries in the direction of the trend. Your transaction will be in the vicinity of 100 pips.

    I'm not a scalper so please my only request is to keep the conversation about 4 hour chart and clearly want to have the ability to add the power swing to some daily or weekly.


    Any questions please feel free!


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