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    Nice trades!

    Are you just using daily PPZ's for the 4H PA trades? (ie ignoring the noisy 4H PPZ's?)



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    Nice one.
    1. Off the BRN
    2. Off the resistance
    3. Closing Beneath the zone.
    4. A powerful downtrend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Nice trades!

    Are you using daily PPZ's for your 4H PA trades? (ie ignoring the noisy 4H PPZ's? ) )


    Yes. I utilize daily PPZ's all the time. Sometimes, depending upon the scenario, I just look the 4-h TF for 4-hour trades. It depends.

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    Away from the trendline, off the resistance, a rejection, closing under the zone and now only 5 pips (because of the interval ).

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    Great post.

    I created similar trades in the previous weeks, and about the losers your reasons have been great learning examples.

    Thank you and will be following your own thread.

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    Yesterday, the price dropped quite sharply crossing the 1.2950 1.3000 mark as they do not exist at all. Therefore, a retrace to that level is due. A trap pub is shaped at a very powerful zone (on the monthly PPZ). The entry point and the target profit point doesn't have a lot of traffic there. When it breaks, it can easily reach the target without a lot of difficulty.

    Well, the price might have fallen sharply, but the tendency on the daily chart and with the monthly PPZ in your mind, undoubtedly, the trend could resume to the upside. Time tells.

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