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Thread: LTS (Linear Trading Style)

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    to start with, thanks socrates by the name ^_^

    I shall introduce a trading system called that I expect will be useful.
    It is based upon the EURUSD pair in 1-hour timeframe from the linear chart.
    It is a very simple system that throughout the day we generally take between 1 and 5 or 4 admissions.
    I trade between 9 and 19 GTM 1

    the principles to buy are:

    . - Look at the pair and search the last two peaks higher in the chart. If the last peak is lower than the prior one, we draw on a trend line which is going to be downward.
    . - With the trendline drawn, we wait until the current bar close above the trendline.
    . - if the bar near the trendline and there're not others peaks,then at the beginning of the next bar we opened a buy position with a TP of 20 pips. If at the conclusion of the current hour (bar) we do not take TP, close the trade manually

    for market orders is exactly the same but in reverse

    you can see one example in the image I've attached.

    Also you can follow my diary of the system Journal

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    I do not use fixed stop loss

    if I open in 12 gtm 1 for instance, I shut the trade in TP 20 pips or at 13 gtm 1 taking profit or losses

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    How long have u been trading ds sysytem and what is d succeess rate that u can provide in terms of win lose trades?

    Is simply useful 4 H1 just?

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    since february.

    On this system I made about 40-50 pips by week more or less
    there're weeks with negative outcomes and others with big profits

    yes, I trade just at 1 hour. Sometimes in chart but prefer 1 hour chart

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    Yes, sounds like a great name for a fantastic system!!!

    As I told you, will be in Barcelona next week. . .keep it up morillo!


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    I exchange between 9 and 19 GTM 1

    GTM? Can you mean GMT?
    Thanks for sharing

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    Can you please specify how you certifiion a system to be Good?

    It had been presented 9 hours back on a Friday, so what is you currently on it???

    Thanks in advance

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    yes, sounds like a Fantastic title for a Fantastic system!!!

    As I told you, will probably be in Barcelona next week. . .keep up it morillo!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Can you please define how you certifiion a method to be Great?

    It was presented 9 hours back on a Friday, so what is you critic on it???

    Thanks ahead of
    hi ,

    I have been connected with morillo via PM before demoning his system on friday and after his trading style before that. The results appear to be ok and profitable.

    Looking at it closely, you're entirely right that my comment doesn't make much sense within this context (new thread, no arguments pro contra). It was more a sort of a word play reffering to the name he gave to his system, thats all. That is a public thread and I should have send him by PM in order to prevent confusion.

    If it is a terrific, great or bad trading style? Every trader is a planet, so there isn't any ideal trading system/style for everybody. My personal opinion is (as stated by the way I think fits me):

    Great because it is simple, clean and decent TF specially for newbies

    Good because it has its particular principles for entry, TP, SL (essential) and appears to be profitable

    Poor because of risk/ratio and MM (small winners and leaves lots of pips on the dining table )....can be enhanced easly (utilizing partial TP and transferring SL to BE)

    Bad only using trendlines with no S/R that's vital in my view (or fibo, pivots or bollinger)....can be enhanced easly

    I highly value your opinions and experience that you provide here and on your thread.


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    Egg: yes it is gmt sorry

    for me personally is more important in a method once you close a trade that if it is opened
    when I defined this sytem I was searching for a system which was easy and simple and a method which was more important when I have to depart than once I must entrance
    it is true that a system needs to have a very clear point of entrance and also this system have it
    the exit it is defined also: close at the end of the bar if we do not take TP.

    I posted in diary section this system and socrates contacted me before I posted here in trading egies. He suggested me to change the exit and do not use a TP of 20 pips. He explained that we could close at 20 pips 2/3 of this transaction and allow 1/3 run moving the SL to BE.
    It's a good idea and likely I will try it another week

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    Thank you for clarify Socrates

    Yep, in my estimation FX as all about SRexactly the same as in almost any other biz, driven by demand and offer.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    I have been in touch with morillo through PM before demoning his system on friday and after his trading style even before that. The results appear to be fine and profitable.

    Bad only with trendlines without any S/R That's essential in my view (or fibo, pivots or bollinger)....can be enhanced easly


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