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    You simply haveta luv this place, where else could you start you day with a quote such as this!
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    As a fully paid up registered Fellow of The Empty Wardrobe club [shirt, shoes, shorts and whatever else] I agree whole heartedly with what you're saying.

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    Not every day of course, not every trade is a winner as always in actual world.
    He isn't selling signs, he's teaching how one himself can analyse and exchange forex.
    Like I said I believe the most valuable part of his class is mentorship program.

    I really don't know if he is living selling courses, but believe that it is ok to pay for somebody's work if it is worth one's salt. Eduion is a bussines. He have taught me how to fish...

    I concur Be conscious, but try, maybe it's not a different mentor but Your's future Mentor (without quotes) ? In the event you do not play You do not win for certain. There is of course money back guarantee so danger is restricted.

    I do not know if he is trading forex daily, but as I wrote he organize workshops with Chris Lori - a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) along with also a complete time professional currency trader and fund manager (Seaview Capital Inc.).

    I wrote in my experience with him because of abedewi post.
    I will recommended this course, but choice to purchase it is not mine.



    P.S. I'm not working for him. I enjoyed it considerably and recently purchased his course.
    How I look at is Show Me The Money. I purchased his course a bit more than one year. His AM Reviews were useful. It got me back on track. analysis. I was able to take some of his thoughts regarding pivots and 123 bottoms and tops along with MACD and I made much more in actual dollars than the class cost. If he deals if the info that he provided worked I don't care. It did. From what he can provide because I have moved on, I didn't renew my membership into the AM Reviews. He makes no appologies he must rehash the same standard advice, because he always has new members joining and tuning in for the very first time. I got bored.

    But I would very much recomend his course, for a person just getting started or like me, needed a kick in the rear.

    Thanks SMJ

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